Part 6

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Nobody's POV

As the smoke clears the room  the guys look around East does his best to check kai

They all look toward the table and see Dreka laying face down with 2 bullets in her head and Sr with a smirk on his face.

Bully and shooter snap killing the guards who held guns to their heads. Then shooting the one who brought Dreka and Kai into the room before making their way to Sr.

Sr pulls the trigger on his gun but the clip is empty

"Fuck" he cursed himself

Bully goes to work, pistol whipping him. Right now Sr is his personal punching bag

Shooter goes and gets the chains off gates and East.

Bully beat Sr unconscious.  then he and shooter drag him outside to their truck

Gates is still inside mourning the loss of his wife, he picks up her dead body putting a sheet over her before exiting the build.

East was doing his best to keep Kai from seeing. He looked down at his perfect angel and noticed she's sleeping. Baby was outside shooting a sniper making sure no one walked in he sees ever one load up and gates carrying what looks to be a body. He walks around and gets in the backseat with gates doing his best to comfort his brother.

Messiah POV

We take Dreka's body to a morgue, and Sr to a holding room at the trap. We pull up at Pooh and i house, Jayda should still be there with her. Well have to break the news to both of them

We turn on the street and I see flames

"Fuck" Gates yells

I lay a sleeping Kai down in the back seat

"Shooter stay with her" i yell

"Brah" he tries to argue

The rest of us run towards the flames. Out entire house is up in flames

Firefighters are already trying to put the fires out

Gates grabs one of them

"Yo was anybody in the house"

"Sir I don't know we just got here, no one was able to get in"

"Man my pregnant wife was home with her sister and my mama"

"Okay sir how many people total do you know was in the house"

I start pacing as I remember Gates kids were here with them

I count on my fingers. Mama, Pooh, Jayda, islah, khaza and the housekeeper

"6 in the house and 4 security guards outside"

He gets on his walkie talkie "it's a possibility there were people in the house"

Copy that

I hear shortly after his message

They start getting the fire tamed and a few people were able to go inside

Chief theres

Before he can finish his statement the house goes back up in flames

"Fuck" bully yells

Get out of there now the chief tells his me

I'm back pacing and I notice a black truck parked maybe a black away


He walks toward me and I nod in the direction of the car and he takes off running

I follow him and bully and baby are behind me

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