Part 5

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Dreka POV

I have no idea how long it's been since I've seen my kids, my husband and my family. Kai cries everyday for Ari and East and I really don't know what do to. I comfort her the best way I can but she really just wants her mama. I understand cause i really just want my babies

The guards come in everyday telling me it may be our last, I honestly don't wanna think about that, I just want Kai safe. I've done everything i can to protect her. Sr beat me because I wouldn't let him hit Kai. I've been raped so much I've lost count, I went days with out eating just to make sure Kai had enough. I want this nightmare to be over

The doors open and in walks Sr.

"Glad you're up doll, we're going to have fun today"

I cringe at his words, every time he tells me we're going to have fun he rapes me.

"No not that kinda fun, you don't deserve that pleasure. But your husband and brother-in-laws will be here soon. It's a shame my daughter can't make it to this reunion, she should be due any day now"

I listen to his words and realized just how long he's kept us locked up

He throws a sandwich at me

"Now you eat it, the lil bitch is sleep so she doesn't get food"

I hesitated

"Eat before I hurt the girl"

I start eating and he laughs. I ate so fast it made me wanna throw up

He throws some clothes at me and his men bring in a bucket of water and little pieces of soap

"Clean yourselves up. We're having company"

I wash myself as best as I can then clean Kai

She looks at me with tears in her eyes, I know she wants to cry but she doesn't. The last time she cried I was beaten unconscious. I guess she doesn't wanna see me hurt

Men come back into the room we're in picking me up by my hair and pushing Kai to the ground. She yells in pain and i reach for her. One of the men punched me repeatedly

"I told you not to hit her today" Sr says

I feel myself getting light headed

"Tete" i here Kais soft voice, her little hands are shaking me

I have no idea how long it's been

"Get your ass up, it's showtime"

I find my strength and stand to my feet, before picking Kai up as well. I hold her cause I know she's scared. We haven't been out of this room since we got her

We walk down a long hallway to a set of stairs. I look back before walking upstairs

"We might as well say goodbye to one of you" the guard says before laughing

I feel my chest tighten, I'd do anything to see my kids. But I'd gladly give my life for Kai's. I know if the shoe was on the other foot Ari and East would do the same

We make it into this conference room and I see shooter and bully. I look around for East and Gates and I see them tied up across the room

"Well well, we've been waiting for you two" Sr says smirking

He snatches Kai from my arms and I reach for her but he back hands me and I fall to the ground

"You bitch" I hear gates yell

Sr laughs "and I'm still your father" he said before slapping Kai

I get up to run to her but one of the guards pulls me down by my hair

Kai's screams are heart breaking, I see East trying his best to get loose. The other side of the room the have guns pointing at both bully and shooters head.

"This is a hell of a situation" Sr says "but I came here to give y'all a show"

He sits Kai down on East's lap and I let out a sigh of relief.

He walks over to me holding a knife and I just know I'm about to die.

He makes me stand to my feet before cutting the clothes off my body. Leaving me completely naked in front of my husband and brothers.

I try to cover myself and he moves my hands, I see Kai squeeze her eyes shut and cover her ears just like I taught her.

The guards take turns raping me. Forcing me to look directly at my husband. I cried for what seemed like years.

Then Sr. Tells me it's his turn

Nobody's POV

Sr. Drops his pants positioning himself at her entrance before forcing his way inside her. With each thrust she cries. He points a gun to her head

"Shut up and take it" he yells

East and Gates are trying their best to get out of the chains wrapped around them

"You killed my wife" Sr yells

"She killed Kyle" Gates yells back

"No" he said speeding up his thrusts as soon as he reaches his climax

Pow pow . Two shots fired

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