Part 4

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Excuse alll mistakes 🥴

It's been 4 months since Kai and dreaka were taken. Siah has been real distant since we got back, I understand it's hard. It's taken a toll on everybody especially he and gates but he's never home long. He eats, showers and then he's gone. I feel him get into bed late at night and he's gone by the time I wake up.

He hasn't come to a doctors appointment for our baby it it really hurts, I want Kai back just as much as he does, but I also need him here for me and our baby boy . My stress and blood pressure has been up and he doesn't even know

I just got done cooking and I hear the door open. Siah walks in washes his hands and goes to fix his plate. He hasn't acknowledged me this entire week. It feels like we're roommates that hate each other, not the loving married couple we used to be.

"Siah can we talk"


"EAST" I yell

"What Ari damn"

"Nigga don't get buck with me. I'm tryina talk to you and makes sure you straight"

"Naw I'm not straight, the hell you expect MY daughter is fuckin missin"

"I know and I wanna be there for you but you don't even acknowledge me"

"Why should I? Hell its your fault she missing"

"My fault nigga yo braids must be too tight, how the hell is it my fault"

"You killed your father's wife Ari"

"Motha fucka if I remember correctly we killed her together!"

"You did more damage than me, now it could cost me my child's life"

"Wow, I get it. I promise I do, but you're not the only one hurting! Kai is my daughter too"

"You didn't have her Ari"

"Fuck you" I said getting up and walking upstairs

"Ari" I kept walking


"David I promise that was it for me. I can deal with you distancing yourself. I can even deal with you sleeping at the fuckin trap but you will NOT throw the fact that Kai isn't my biological daughter in my face".

"Pooh i didn't mean it"

"Bitch, Yes the hell you did. I understand you miss her but you've been soo wrapped up in finding her you haven't once acknowledged your son, or even the fact that I'm so stressed out during my damn pregnancy he migh-" my words were cut off by an over flow of tears

"He might what"

"My doctor wants to admit me in the hospital next week and keep me there until I give birth"

"Pooh I'm sorry" he says kissing all over my face

I push him away "you need to get your shit together"

Before he can respond his phone starts ringing

Ashley goes across his screen

"Messiah who the fuck is Ashley"


"If i have to repeat my fuckin question"

"The girl from the trap"

"The same bitch you fired"

He nods and I slap the piss out him

"Get out"

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