Harry´s POV:

I was tickling her stomach, making her twist like a worm in my hands. She was laughing her wonderful laughter and it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

“ Harry stop it” Jennie said, gasping for air in between laughter´s. It was hard to take her serious when she was laughing so hard so I said,

“ Who is the sexiest guy you know?” I were smirking and stopped tickling her for a brief second so that she could answer me.

“ Zayn Malik” she said, teasing me by stinging out her tongue.

“ Oh are you sure?” I asked and wiggled my fingers close to her ribs, which made her eyes widen.

“ On second thought, I think you are Harry” she smiled and nudge my shoulder. “ Hell your a real sex monster now when I think about it”.

“ Oh yeah?” I smirked back and leaned in and started to kiss her passionately. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer. Grr, I am a monster I thought. Unluckily for me when it was getting really heated Louis and Niall decided to grace us with their presence.

“ Hi Harry we´re going to... “ Louis started. “ Oh I can see your busy” he continued with a smirk.

“ Ever heard of knocking, Louis?” Jennie asked as she buttoned her shirt. She wasn´t to embarrassed sens the first time she meet Louis he walked in on her in the shower.

“ Why bother when I have a key?” He replied smirking. He and Jennie had a bit of love hate relationship, but they tried to be nice when ever I was around. Niall on the other hand reacted like a good friend are suppose to. His cheeks had turned red and he excused himself and went to look for some cookies in the kitchen.

“ So what is it that you want?” Jennie asked him.

“ Well I thought” Louis smiled and sat down between us, “ that I was going to take my best friend out to lunch, but sens you´re here that is going to be quite difficult”. He put his arms around our shoulders and I could see Jennie roll her eyes.

“ Can´t we just order take out?” I asked. “ You know that we are trying to keep a low profile with our relationship”.

“ Yes I do no that” Louis said, still smiling but it wasn´t censer. “ And I understood it two month ago when you first started “dating” if you even can call it that. But like I said, it has been two month and your not just keeping a low profile babe. No one hardly knows that you exist”.

“ Yeah and you know what Louis?” Jennie snorted. “ All girls aren´t interested in getting deaf threats and being hated. Just because you do that to your girlfriend doesn´t mean that Harry has to do it to his”.

Louis stopped smiling and glared evil at Jennie. I knew more then anyone that this was a sensitive subject for him and I had to agree on that she had gone a bit far by blaming him. It´s not like we asked girls to hate the girls we love, they just do.

Louis opened his mouth to say something but I stopped him by saying,

“ So should we order in or what?”. I tried to sound like nothing was wrong but the tension was hanging thick in the air.

“ I´m actually not hungry, so I´m going to go home” Jennie said and stood up. She gave me a quick kiss before she headed towards the hall. I got up and followed her to say goodby but she was already out the door when I got there.

I wanted to tell her not to care about what Louis says and that I did´t want her to leave but I did´t get the chance. This was so stupid! They are two of the most important people in my life and they never seem to be able to get along.

“ Was that really necessary?” I asked Louis with clear annoyance in my voice. “ How we do things is none of your business”.

“ I´m sorry Haz, but I just don´t think that your relationship is such a good idea anymore” he said and shrugged.

“ And why not? Can´t you see how much I care about her?” I asked grumpy.

“ Sure I can see that, but when you are so serious like you are I don´t think that you should keep the relationship in the dark from the public, even from her own parents. You are THAT serious right?” he said and put weight on that and I knew what he meant.

“ A gentleman never tells Lou” I said and winked at him.

“ A gentle man never tells what?” Niall asked as he came back from the kitchen with a box of cookies in his hand.

“ That he is shagging a girl he don´t even take out in public” Louis snorted and Niall almost shocked on a cookie.

Such a low blow. I did´t even know what to say about that so I just muttered,

“ Shut up Lou!” as my cheeks turned red.

“ Someone is a bit sensitive” Louis smirked and pocked me. “ Just like his girlfriend”.

“ Maybe they both have their period” Niall teased me as well my I just snorted,

“ We do not have “our” period. She doesn´t even have hers, she´s just upset because she don´t like when Louis nag at us”.

“ And how do you know that it isn´t the time of her month?” Niall asked and I wondered how innocent and ignorant my little Irish friend is.

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