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hello my loves!

as i had said earlier, i have some very important news. now i'm halfway through my exams, i finally have had the time to get things in order and announce it, so here it is.

Radish has asked me to be one of their authors( !!!) and i've agreed. i'll be posting on there under the username vividlycrimson( yes, i finally got the name without having to attach numbers to it. i'm happier about it than i should be haha.) this however will have an effect on some of the books i have posted on here.

so, what does this mean? first and foremost i want to assure you all that i will not take down Saints and Wicked on here. secondly, the bonus content( and all other books i publish on Radish) will be put on the freemium tier. i really don't want to force you guys to pay( i love y'all!! and i get it, i'm broke too), so after seven days each chapter gets unlocked for free.
Radish hosts tons of coin giveaways too, so if you can't pay, there's no need to worry at all, you can participate in those and win coins for free.

the chapters will appear on Radish first and then 28 days later i'll upload them on here, so if you want to read them as soon as they're up, you can find them first on there. if not, they will appear here too! just a bit later. the chapters already available on wattpad will be there for free, the new ones will be the only ones you'll have to wait a certain period of time for to unlock. i'll announce it on my page here whenever i upload a story on radish, as you can only follow the stories, not the authors.

anyway, a summary of what will happen to all my books:

-Wicked will be posted on Radish, with more content. it will continue on from ch31 and will be about Ella and the boys getting stuck in quarantine together the summer before they attend St Joseph, along with bonus chapters of Ava and Alex while they were dating, the boys' previous camping trip( with the sheep), Sebastian and Will's love life and finally, a fight between Ella and Levi( i don't know why everyone wants to see her beat his ass, but it'll happen here haha.) the added twenty-something chapters will appear on here, however the bonus chapters will remain exclusively on Radish.
update schedule: the chapters available on here will be published daily on Radish starting this Friday( the 12th.) the new chapters will appear after that and the updating schedule will be Monday and Friday each week. this gives me some time to finish my exams before i can write again, as updates will most likely start in three weeks.

-Saints will be posted on Radish as well and twenty-something chapters will be added to it too, so there will be more content about the sins, the devil and Jasmina. i really rushed that ending because i wanted to start with a new book, so i'll take my time to really work the dynamic between them all out and give the sins and the devil more screentime. there'll be bonus chapters for each of the sins' past, perhaps more than one if it's a lot to explain in one. these bonus chapters too will be exclusive on Radish. update schedule: Saints will be the next thing I'll be working on after Wicked. i can't give a clear timeline yet as i haven't started on all the new chapters for Wicked and KAM, so for now i'm guessing a month or so.

-Kisses after Midnight will still remain on here! i really don't want to just move entirely to Radish and never come back or something, so this was the compromise i was able to make with radish. there'll be a new chapter each Saturday. so yes, expect one the 13th! i'm finally going back to updating again.

-Sinners will be exclusive to Radish. after a three chapter sample the rest will be up on my profile there. i'll start updating frequently on this one once i finish Saints, which i'm guessing to be at the end of July tops.

-continuing in the trend, Sinful will be changed entirely. only the major things will remain the same( like my boo Samuel appearing), but i'll change a lottt. as i'm going to add new chapters to Wicked it's crucial i do this to get the dynamic right and change a lot of things i didn't like about the book. the book will appear on wattpad though! no worries, only Sinners and Notorious will be exclusive on there. i'll be finishing up a lot of loose ends and giving more screentime to the other couples. i feel like i rushed this book a lot, so i want to do it right this time. the new chapters will be added along the way, but i'll give a notice at least one week before i do so. no worries, i'll probably start writing this in two months at least, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

-Notorious is going to be updated as well with new content and a whole new story! however, it will be exclusive to Radish. the amount of disappointed and angry comments i get on that one about the fact that it's not about Ella and Levi are way too many. i'm honestly done with those, so hopefully changing the platform will help. the whole book will be revised, so only the first two chapters will probably remain the same and it will be 50+ chapters. i'm going to change major things here, so perhaps expect different ending for one ship as well( i'm talking Sebastian, no worries. i'm just not really feeling his ending, so his love interest will be introduced in the new chapters in wicked.) who knows what'll happen with the rest of the story tho, certainly not me.

the chapters won't just disappear! Sinful will either get the edited chapters along the way or all at once, not sure yet, and Notorious will be unpublished on here around September, when i start writing it( i'll do an announcement two weeks prior to it happening.) the aesthetics will remain up here.

this does not mean i'll disappear from wattpad. the chapters i post on radish will each appear on here 28 days after i've published them there. i'll still be active & will publish stories on here( like KAM!) you are all so sweet, so leaving is the last thing on my mind. still, radish seems like an opportunity to grow for me, so i'm really excited for it. again, if you don't want to/ can't download radish, that's no problem, all my books outside of the Wicked & Saints series will remain on here untouched.

on another note, i'll be putting y'all in my good friends story starting Friday/Saturday and show a bit of my daily live in antwerp on insta including the writing process, midnight pics of me procrastinating uni( basically a lot of pics of me being sad & studying microbiology or anatomy) and sneak peeks, so you'll know what i'm doing. i'll also add polls to make it all more interactive! they'll be about minor or major decisions in the books and primarily what book i'll start after this. i'm really hesitating between a greek god high school/college life( so like hera x zeus, aphrodite x ares, celeste x dion etc. it'll be a kind of sequel to divine in a modern school setting) or the love story about the grim reaper x a girl who can't die and who sees ghosts( so, expect mateo as a friendly ghost side character. does this mean i can't let mateo go? yes. should i? also yes, but idc.)

lastly, gonna reupload Divine & Limerence Friday or Saturday so i'll have more books you all can read on here while i'm dying w/my exam oncology Friday( in case you were wondering why i'm publishing/doing everything on Friday, it's because i'll have a day to myself after this exam.) i still don't think they're great, but apparently some people do( thank u🥺) so here's crossing my fingers i get to rewrite Divine soon.

i know i said i was done with the wicked series before, but honestly looking back at how quickly i decide to just move on with books( yeah, i know, i am lazy) i'm hoping to finish this all with no loose ends and with a good chapter amount.

anywayyy, thanks for reading this whole thousand words explanation💖 hoping this was a bit clear, but if not, don't hesitate to ask! also, i know i've been quite inactive on wp as of late( vs me normally updating daily and procrastinating on here), but i have five exams to go, so i promise to be more active after that. my last one's the first of July, so hopefully freedom after that.

love y'all xxx

( ps: look at this. these people look so at peace, i wish i could hug a swan too.)


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