Part 3

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Baby POV

"Yes Pooh, I mean I always called you my sister, but I never knew it was literal"

"Baby, you're our brother" she questioned

"Yeah,shooter hacked some type of database and turns out the mutha fucka even signed my birth certificate"

"You mom never told you who your dad was"

"Growing up my mama told me my dad died, she never said how and never gave me any more information than that"

"What the fuck" Pooh said shaking her head

"I've always been close to y'all, I guess now we know why. I'm sorry for being the bastard son of-"

"Baby this isn't your fault you didn't ask for this, I wish we had known sooner" Pooh says

She walks over and hugs me "you've been my brother since you started working for us, this just makes us blood"

I hug her back "fasho"

"So how we handle this"

"Figure our why he's really here and go from there" bully says

"Can we please eat first" Pooh said rubbing her stomach

Everyone laughs "yeah let's go before you're late" East tells her

"Late for what" she asks

"Just go get ready"

Siah POV

I told pooh to get ready, we're going to the desert ride around on the lil 4 wheeler thing and I planned a photo shoot for her

Tae starts getting her hair stuff ready while jayda picks our her outfit

I look over at bully. My brotha is losing his mind. Bully was our dads first son, he never knew about him until after his mom we killed from a drug overdose. My mama raised him as her own..

"Bullz you straight"

"I'm coo, I just wanna make sure this nigga don't fuck with our family"

I nod, sparking up a blunt cause he's right, over the last year Pooh became my world  along with lil butt. But the rest of the gang became family to me as well. It's a must we keep each other safe

"How we gone play this shit" baby said walking outside with shooter

"You know we gotta kill ya pops right" I asked him

"Nigga wasn't a father to me, ion give a damn what you do. I'm more worried about Pooh."

I nodded taking a pull from my blunt. When Pooh would talk about her dad there used to be a light in her eyes, you could tell she loved him. But now her eyes grow dark every time someone mentions him.

Gates never really got along with him, he said he used to beat his ass tryina make him into a good leader. That shit didn't sit well with me. How you beat on ya own kid.

"Y'all ready" Jayda comes to the door

"Yeah let's go"

After an hour of driving and riding through the desert they finally got everything set up for Pooh shoot.

Damn mama looks good, hella exotic and shit

I snuck and got a picture of her, the world had to see how fine mama is

I snuck and got a picture of her, the world had to see how fine mama is

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