Prologue/Author's note

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Hello lovelies <3
This is an AU 5sos fanfic :) it will be completely clean and no swearing ;)
My name's Lauren. I am in 12th grade and I'm pretty insecure. I get bullied in the halls, bullied at home, basically bullied wherever I go. I was just going to pick up my daily Starbucks, when I noticed a new barista. He was tall, and had red hair. I also had noticed his accent, he was an Aussie. Little did I know, this was just the beginning...
If you haven't already noticed, this will be about Mikey :)
I will need girlfriends for the other boys so comment the following info:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Short description of yourself:

Love you
I'll update as soon as this reaches at least a few views

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