Chapter 16 - Hounds✔

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The werewolves in the room were silently watching Violet's horns disappear. Violet looked over at Andrew with a smile.

"Get up and pack your bags. You're coming with me."

Andrew went to his room with a quick nod.

"I don't understand why you kept this a secret from me and right now I really don't care. I don't have time for this shit, I need to hurry and find my next target before it's too late." Violet glared at Egor.

Vuk stood up and stepped in front of Violet. He kneeled in front of her.

"I'd never expected you to be a werewolf, I thought you were just insane and messing with me." Violet giggled at the man.

"Well now you know for sure that I wasn't lying." Vuk said, smiling up at the girl.

"Wait a minute, you two know each other?" Oliver asked.

"That's right Alpha. I know Violet since she was in diapers. I've been taking care of her ever since, but of course I had to go to university and leave her here, next thing I know she became a really badass demon." Vuk smirked.

Violet crouched down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She stood up and pulled Vuk in a standing position. She then looked at Bogdan and smiled at him.

"You said that I don't have a mate... What did you mean by that?" He asked.

Violet rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Seriously? Diana is a siren who once wanted to steel a very precious ruby stone from the Devil. She was caught and exiled. She was supposed to be my guardian but the Devil changed that because she would have killed me." 


"Because Egor did not submit to her and instead became my friend. Listen dog boy, Diana only wanted revenge on Egor, she never loved you, and used her siren song to make you think you were mates and that she loved you."

Bogdan slumped down back into his seat. He was staring at the wall in front of him absentmindedly. Violet looked over at Vuk who just shrugged. Andrew came in with a suit case and a travel bag. Violet nodded and went towards him.

"Well we had a nice chat boys, but I have to go now." She said.

"Wait!" Bogdan stood up.

Violet turned around to see him taking his shirt off. She raised her eyebrows. He threw his shirt to the side and walked over to her.

"Please make me like Andrew! Please!" He yelled.

"And why would I?" 

"Because, I'll help you take care of the siren."

Violet looked him in the eyes, seeing the golden color they produced made her smirk.

"Alright, but let me make a proposition to Alpha Oliver." 

Oliver's head shoot up to look at the small girl. "What kind?"

"I want to take Andrew away, and right now Bogdan is tempting me to take him as well, but I know that won't happen so easily. So what would you say if your little pack became my hounds?" 

Oliver's eyes widened. The idea of becoming a demon's servant terrified him, but then again he could make use of it.

"What's the catch?" He asked.

"I give you power and protection for your services and loyalty towards me."

Vuk took off his shirt.

"You know I'll follow you anywhere Kennedy."

Violet looked at the man who she knew for the last 15 years and considered family. A few years ago he told her he was a werewolf and she considered it a joke, but right now she was believing in this joke.

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