Chapter Six; Soccer Games

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I woke up alone. I looked around, panicking for Emery. To give me more of a heart attack, the door creaked open and Emery walked in. He gave me a brilliant smile. His hair was sticking up at odd angles making him look hopelessly young. He yawned and walked back to the bed.

“Miss me?” He winked. I smirked.

“Tsk, no.”

He chuckled and gestured to his plaid pants.

“Sorry I left; I wanted to put pajamas on. Do you want to wear some?” He asked with a smile. I shrugged.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m taller than you. I don’t think those will fit.”

“Relax, I have bigger pairs. They’re hand me downs from Levi and Avery.” He said. I shrugged. He pulled back the covers and tugged at my jeans.

“I think you’ll be more Levi’s size. Hold on.” He said getting up to rummage through his drawers. He pulled out a pair of solid green pajama pants. He smiled triumphantly and threw them at me. I caught them with ease and stood up. He pointed. “Bathrooms down the hall.”

I nodded and sulked to the bathroom. Once inside I shut the door behind me and quickly changed. I grabbed my jeans and opened the door. Chet walked sleepily down the hallway. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me.

“You’re Emery’s just friend aren’t you?” He asked in a deep voice. I raised an eyebrow. This kid was only about fourteen, maybe even thirteen.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m Beck.” I said nodding. He nodded and saluted me with two fingers.

“Chet. And you’re alright with Emery?” He asked eying me. I raised an eyebrow and nodded again.

“Um… yeah. He’s really cool.”

“But are you alright with-“

“Chet!” Emery shouted from the door. Chet looked back to Emery, giving him a look.

“Oh.” He said before pushing past me. “Nice meeting you.” He called over his shoulder.

I walked back to Emery deciding to leave everything alone.

“Your brother kind of scares me.” I said putting my jeans in my backpack. Emery chuckled and reached up to smooth my hair back.

“Yeah, he’s an interesting kid. But you learn to love him.” He shrugged.

“Kids? Boys!” A soprano voice asked from the stairs. Emery sighed.

“Yes, mom?”

“Breakfast is ready!”

Emery’s eyes lit up even more. He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. We raced downstairs only stopping at the kitchen. I noticed Chet on the couch, again passed out. I chuckled but stopped when I saw the kitchen.

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