HBE - Prologue

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[A/N This is a twilight Fanfic. The characters I used are all Stephanie Meyer's, except from Melody and Rachel (who isn't in this chapter yet). The story mostly takes place a year after Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, and is from the POV of Melody. The first few chapters however, take place back when Jasper was fighting new born armies, when he was under control of Maria. Enjoy!]

Prologue - The years of terror

Empty, that's how I felt. There was no more Melody, I wasn't myself anymore. Bye-bye Melody. I had just witnessed the death of my very own boyfriend, who I knew was the love of my life. Even though he didn't even seem like my boyfriend anymore, I knew he was, somewhere deep inside. But something had changed when he went on holiday in Texas. Something or, someone, had changed him, and I was about to find out what. And when I would, I would take revenge.


-Beep... Beep... Beep-

*"Hello?" I picked up my phone. "Who's there?"

"Hey it's me." I didn't recognize the number, nor the voice.

*"Excuse me, who?"

"Justin, dummy!" I heard the smile in his voice, which sounded like a sweet melody.

*"Oh.. I didn't recognize your number. How is everything, babe?"

"Oh everything is great here." I noticed how the smile had made place for faked cheerfulness. "It's so great, I think I'm going to stay here for a while." I felt my hope fading. All lies, and I was aware of it. I decided to act as if I hadn't noticed anything.

*"How long are you staying in Texas, baby?" I crossed my fingers, hoping it wouldn't be too long.

"Ehh.." I could almost feel his nervousness as if it were my own. "About a year, babe" I banged my free fist on the table. How could he? "Don't be angry babe.. please!"

*"Are you just leaving me here?" I asked. Silence followed.

"No, of course not! I mean, I wouldn't if I had a choice!" I frowned. If he had a choice?

*"What is this all about, Justin? If... you had a choice?"

"I can't tell you! They.. they would kill you!" this confused me even more.

*"Who are you talking about? Want me to come to Texas?"

"No, don't! Stay away from me, it will only hurt you, I'm telling you! Please!" He was begging. Did this mean he had somebody else?

*"Is it about.. another girl?"

"No! They will kill you, please!"

-Beep beep beep beep-

The line went dead.


So then it was settled. I'd decided I would go to Texas, to see what was going on. Even if Justin would've given me a billion warnings, nothing would be able to hold me back when Justin was in danger. A life without Justin was unimaginable. But I soon found out it would've been better for me to have stayed away. Because when I arrived in Texas, I landed right into the scene he hadn't wanted me to see. 60 pale, beautiful creatures with perfect bodies and flaming red eyes were stood in two groups of 30, facing each other. When a sign of their leader was given, the groups ran to each other in speed I couldn't witness with my weak human eyes. Whatever those were, they were no humans. They fought like beasts, chunks of marble skin flying everywhere. Even with the thunder, the sound of stones clashing together was audible. And then I saw him: Brown, messy hair on his pale, perfect face. Red eyes flaming as he threw pieces of another male in the air. He wasn't the Justin I used to know, but it was certainly him. That was why he'd wanted me to stay in Canada. Those things, whatever they were, were killing machines, monsters. I couldn't believe it was Justin, fighting there, but it was.

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