another world outside that's full of all the broken things that i made

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i finished black butler last night and I WANNA WATCH THE OTHER SEASONS AND THE MOVIE AND ALL THAT CRAP NOW. every time i watch it, i'm reminded of me in 6th grade, i wanted these sunglasses bc they had the devil's trap on it and i was like "omigosh supernatural" so i bought them. but y'all know hot topic, you can't see jack, so when i got home, excited to wear the glasses, they said black butler. and everything was like black and purple (which if i had really thought about it, purple is barely anywhere in spn so that would've been a red flag, or should i say a purple flag) so i basically refused to wear the glasses bc i was bamboozled by the wrong cult show. but since my friend convinced me to finally watch it, imma wear the h*ck outta them.

OMIGOSH okay so i've mentioned this before for people who don't know but basically i made a really huge mistake in middle school where i like didn't say no like i should have when some guy basically asked me out bc i felt bad and i panicked but whatever okay last night gave me R E D E M P T I O N. i didn't get a very good sleep for some reason, i woke up like three times. in my dream tho, i was at school and it was more like a middle school reunion, i saw so many people i never wanted to see again. but there was that same guy, telling me the same thing, almost the same exact scenario, and I TOLD HIM THE HONEST TO GOSH DARN TRUTH IM SO PROUD OF DREAM ME. like i told him, "look that's really sweet but i don't like you that way" or something like that and just like imagine how much could've changed if i had done that in the first place. 12 year old me do be stupid.

i started the first five minutes of avatar last night and i'm so excited to binge that this week. i'm hoping once i'm done with avatar that i can find the rest of black butler bc come on man, ik that's not the end. AND THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY IS COMING BACK AND SO IS THE POLITICIAN shout out to those that remember when my bio still had both of those under fandoms. i did realize that i have a lot of fandoms tho.

like supernatural, dr who, sherlock, she ra, black butler, the umbrella academy, i am not okay with this, it, stranger things, sanders sides, unus annus, mayhaps avatar now, scream, be more chill, dear evan hansen, heathers, fnaf, twenty one pilots, panic at the disco, fall out boy, smosh, danganronpa, dan and phil, my babysitters a vampire, larray, issa, brandon rogers, jacksepticeye, hazbin hotel, i could honestly go on and on with more but that's just a smidge (also glee) (and billie eillish) (and star wars- okay i'm done)

anyways i wish noelle stevenson could reboot voltron so she can make it better. while i hate people comparing she ra and voltron, i do appreciate that noelle made she ra so amazing.

ig i started class yesterday?? i really hope i don't fall behind bc i know that happens sometimes. but since i'm getting my textbook today, i'm gonna immediately get started on that.

also you know that song last resort, i used to think the song was made about me when i was younger. like you know how in your emo phase, you feel like the songs are so close to who you are that maybe you aren't alone, there's someone out there like you? that's how i was with last resort. i mean not as harshly but still the connection. now it's just a hard bop, man.

that's all ig, love you, buh bye!

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