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My drama teacher from school was given the challenge to kidnap three students. One of them being me. He invited Tyler Joseph to the school (which suddenly had an arena) to play a few songs. This was my teachers way of distracting me so he could kidnap me. It probably would've worked if I hadn't heard him say that. Tyler came up to chat with me, but I knew my teacher was about to kidnap me so I tried to look around for him, but he was too quick and he grabbed me. Tyler laughed. I was mad. Then I woke up.

There is a TV show where people told the host a crime they've done. Then, a team of experts try to prove that they did do the crime. If they can't prove it, or they lie, the criminal goes home. If they're proven guilty, they get locked up (obviously).
Suddenly, I'm at home and ghosts live here now. I held a cat in my arms even though I don't actually have one. It wasn't a ghost cat though. The ghosts were from Kenya and they told us their story. My mom got us a very strange new pet. It wasn't anything that exists here on earth. But it was small enough to put in the same cage as our snake, so we did that.

I was in a VERY fancy restaurant where you got to dress up in costume like comicon. If you see someone in the same fandom or universe as you you can sit and eat with them.
This is all I wrote down.

I was in science class in middle school. I found out I had been accidentally skipping my foods class for the first few weeks of school. I go to the class and see two of my friends there. I couldn't decide whether I should be mad at them or not because they weren't in any of my other classes, but they still could've found me in the hallways to ask why I haven't shown up. The teacher seemed very kind. I told her that I deserved a harsh punishment and she agreed with me. She set me up in a chair in her office, which looked very nice. She searched on youtube for a video with a very long name with lots of capitals and exclamation points.
The video began with Pewdiepie wearing blond dreadlocks and face tattoos. Then, a bunch of characters from random things were there, and Sonic the hedgehog was holding balloons. They started carrying him up and away, and he said, "it's fine! What could happen to me? I'm Sonic!" Then I woke up.

I was playing Minecraft with Dave Strider and someone else. I fell into a ravine and Dave gave me lots of blocks, weapons and experience potions so I could get out. I was also given a tiger with wings that I could mount and fly upward with. There was also some blue birds that attacked the tiger every time it flew up.

Lightning McQueen entered a race but only because he was trying to warn everybody that the Cars DVD was scratched up and if they continued the race they would die from being too scratchy. Only Doc and Strip believed him :(

There was an immortal guy who spent his immortality killing people on ships because I guess it's easier to hide his dead bodies in the ocean. Every time his body died he would just reappear out of nowhere, like Connor from Confinement.

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