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Popee the Performer was also a video game where you controlled Popee and decided what was to happen in the 'episode'
My sister asked me what I was doing and I said "it's Popee the Performer"
I woke up before she responded.

My grandma was the only one who knew how to do the hand gesture for the circle game, and she was trying to show us, even though by showing us she also got us. (Us being my family)

Vivziepop drew something on a piece of paper for me and she gave it to me. I didn't know what to draw on it so I gave it to the girl I had a crush on in 2018 and she drew a caterpillar. It looked terrible but I acted proud of her so I wouldn't hurt her feelings. In my journal I redrew what she drew and honestly it's nightmare fuel. I don't know what Vivz' drawing looked like though. She just kinda disappeared.

Part of the Riverclan warrior code was that, if a queen had too many kits, the clan leader was to kill them off, 'to avoid overpopulation'
In the dream I said, "Riverclan out here killin' hoes" thinking the kits would grow up to be like their moms.

My orchestra class became a choir. My teacher asked us what song we should sing and I said Jumpsuit. In the dream I got it mixed up with Ode to Sleep and I said "wait we can't do this song because it says 'whore' in it" and my teacher got mad because we had been working so hard on it. Irl I've never seen her that mad before so I wonder if teachers getting mad is a psychological dream thing. Hmm

This dream was probably one of the wackiest of all. It was set up as a horror rpg thingy and it took place in various stores and at one point a very long steep street and at another point a sewer. Me and my 'best friend' who had an elephant head were to find a hair clip in each setting and open the clip at the same time to enter the next setting. If we got caught by these blue men who sometimes didn't have eyes or noses, we were dead. They said a lot of stuff and explained the game and whatnot but I don't remember any of it.

A music video for Smithereens came out and so did a behind the scenes video. Both very beautiful. Jenna was there. She referred to Tyler as "Mr. Spiderman" and "Cotton Eye Joe"

There was an old man with two small dogs who came and visited my drama class while we were working on our next play (the set made it seem like it was gonna be Newsies but idk). I was the only one who was petting his dogs because I guess I didn't need to do anything for the play yet. The old man was obsessed with memes but didn't really understand exactly what they were. My sister came up to me and asked if she should make a Minecraft parody of an unpopular song. I had a really hard time deciding what to tell her. Before I could make the decision though I woke up.

I wasn't in school so I don't know why this dream was about me stressing about testing but ok.
I was in my elementary school's computer lab taking an english test on kite or whatever, but the teacher was Hitler and all the short stories we were tested on were written by him (around 15 stories). Some of them came with cartoony illustrations of ponies and ducks, the kind you'd see in a children's coloring book. Some with color some without. The class was really talkative so I had a really hard time concentrating on the test. Then all of a sudden there was a stage and a very full audience and Snufkin was on the stage and he had to read his essay out loud to everyone. He also had a very very large hat like 30 Moomins could fit in there.

I was at a TØP concert but they only played Jumpsuit, Levitate and Stressed Out.
3-4 kids got to hop on stage and drum. I was upset because I didn't get to but Tyler noticed how upset I was and kicked the other kids off so I could come up (I'm not making this up)
I drummed during Levitate and Stressed Out.
Tyler didn't actually sing he just stalked across the stage like he does during HOTY. He looked like a cat. Josh was doing the same thing they were just circling around me playing the drums like vultures or something.
At the end Tyler showed us a presentation like a slideshow or something but he looked like he had no idea what he was talking about.

After the concert a Hot Topic appeared out of nowhere and there was a bunch of rats and mice being sold there. I spilled nuts all over the ground.

My online friend sent a post to the Instagram gc that had a list of songs, two per slide and asked that we say our favorite songs out of each pair for each slide. But wait until everyone is active before we say our answers.
One song was sung by Puss in Boots ??
The rest were primarily Hatsune Miku songs including World is Mine
One was a Steven Universe song about him following a poster out into the real world and being sent to someone's house.
Since not everybody was active I wrote my answers in my sketchbook and drew pictures of what was happening in each song.

I was being chased by nothing. Then I started flying Peter Pan style (this happens a lot in my dreams) over an ocean of lava. It was storming but the rain glowed yellow/orange and electrocuted me. It didn't physically hurt but it was annoying and I kept flying.
I showed up in a gym and I got lost in a maze made out of notebook pages with suicidal notes on them. Then I played basketball with some demons/imps. There were two hoops back to back but I couldn't tell the other one was turned the other way so I shot for it thinking I would get more points because it was taller.
Instead, I lost.
Then, I was at church and I went to the bathroom. The toilet was not working. Some girl kept coming in just for the free peppermints and mirror so she could put on makeup. I was really mad at her for invading my privacy. She kept calling it the dressing room and I kept telling her it was a bathroom.

There was this legend of a clown who tricks you into doing something terrible. I didn't believe the rumors. We were on a plane. Me and the kids from acting class I think. Suddenly we were in a van. Then I got kidnapped by the clown. He kept telling me I would look so very good in a clown outfit like a creep, but for some reason I believed him. So he gave me a clown outfit and I put it on. Then he tossed me into a toilet and I somehow fit inside. He kept stomping on my face with his giant clown shoes. Then I woke up.

There was a woman with the head of like a gerbil and her name was Rooster. She was told she was cancelled. She was very sad about this. In this universe, it meant she was gonna die. The other animal-headed people in the room gave her pity and sympathy, then they left her alone in there. It was like an office with a large bookshelf and a desk with papers on it. She opened a little purse she had and there were supposed to be photographs in it but there wasn't anything there. She closed it, sighed, and looked out the window. There was sad violin music in the background. It was raining outside. In the yard, there was a rooster that was searching the ground for something. Then I woke up.

Megamind, now old with white around his face like a dog, watched reviews of his movie on youtube. Then he went through the movie again and fixed all the mistakes the reviews said there were. Josh Dun was here too. I don't know why.

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