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My Minecraft world got hacked by this girl who had dark blue hair that was braided, but that's all I remember about her appearance.
She blocked off the cave I was mining in and replaced my torches with redstone ones like herobrine or something. She spawned a bunch of skeletons in the cave too.
In the real world she threatened to kill my family especially my mom, and she made the power go out on our house. She also said she wanted to become my friend so she could kill me which definitely makes sense. That's all I remember about this dream.

This was some kind of story about these two women who were performers. One of them started this when she was 12 years old and brought the other into it so they could do it together. As adults they got into a big emotional fight about it and the one who was brought into it quit. In my notebook I wrote "heavy spongebob vibes" but I don't remember what I meant by that.

Confessed my feelings to my crush and she felt the same way back. Sad times.

3/22 (or 27 my handwriting sucks)
I was at a concert but nobody was on stage. I was dancin tho. At first there were other people in the crowd with me but then they all disappeared I think after Tyler Joseph came up to me and said "nice skeleton hoodie, can you take it off?" (not like that) so I took off my skeleton hoodie bc this is Tyler Joseph bro!! And I held it up over my head and we sang Tonight together it was great.

I was on the internet and someone asked in like an open chat of some kind what homosexuality was. Someone replied and said, "you know how those screaming guys from Twenty One Pilots are on hiatus? Well it's the hiatus but with more screaming"
In the dream I laughed at that but actually it makes no sense at all.

Vultures chirped like songbirds.
That's it. That was how the world was.

I put some personal stuff in a notebook and threw it away. My sister and mom tried to get it out because they really wanted to look at it even though I said no. Turns out it was just the lyrics to Do You Wanna Ride? from Be More Chill.

Ah yes. The day before the release of Trench. This dream was me listening to the album for the first time. The first song came with a music video that looked like an animatic in my art style. It also featured Tyler's face on the sun from teletubbies. The song was labelled "Morph" even though it was just a bunch of sounds you could find in the album Regional at Best. There was also a cover of Be Prepared from The Lion King on Trench. I didn't get to hear it but it was on there. I bet it sounded great. In the dream I was also aware that it was the day before it was supposed to release, and I think that realization woke me up in the morning.

We listened to Pet Cheetah in science class but in this universe "Jason Statham" was a nono word so my teacher got mad.

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