Chapter 10

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            Chapter 10

"Game set!" Marcus yelled, lobbing the ball across the net to Ethan.

His face a mask of intense concentration, Ethan watched the ball arching towards him, every muscle tense and ready to spring. As the ball bounced into his side of the court, he unfurled from a crouch and with a powerful swing of the racket, sent the ball flying back towards Marcus.

A triumphant grin spread over his face as Marcus missed the shot, the slew of obscenities his friend let loose only serving to add to his good humor.

"Tired Marc?" Ethan walked over to the net, watching as Marcus dabbed at the sweat running down his face with a towel.

"Nah..." Marcus grinned; face red with the exertion of an hour of hard playing. "I'm just gonna be the good guy and let you win this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky though, so enjoy this while you can." 

 "Yeah sure," Ethan said, his tone heavily laced with sarcasm. "Guess I owe you for this one."

"Damn right." Marcus grinned. He fell into step beside Ethan as the two men made their way towards the locker room. "Though, I probably shouldn't have drunk so much last night. That slowed down my reflexes a lot.

"So you admit I won cos I'm in much better shape?"

Marcus snorted. "Dude, I can beat your ass any other day. Today was just a fluke."

They entered the main building of the exclusive sports club, the cool air washing over them, cooling them down. A waiter approached with a tray bearing two tall glasses of orange juice and offered it to them.

Ethan declined his drink, choosing instead to hit the showers first. As the hot spray hit his body, he shut his eyes and let his mind wander. As it always did these past few days, his thoughts turned to a certain plump brown eyed woman. Erin.

Not for the first time, he caught his mind wandering to the scene in her apartment. The sight of that body had nearly made him reconsider his taste in women. Even thinking about her right now made him hard in a way no woman ever had. What was it about this brown eyed witch that turned him on?

She was everything he despised in a woman- headstrong, mouthy and snobbish and yet- he reluctantly admitted to himself that he enjoyed sparing with her. It always delighted him no end to watch the way she responded to him, trying to deny her body's response when they both knew better. To watch the varying displays of emotion cross her face while she argued with him, insulted him, threatened him all in the space of one conversation.

I should just screw her and be done with this. Ethan thought, resting his head against the cool tiles while the hot water sluiced down his body. Have one night of hot wild sex then put Erin out of his mind for good.

His body stirred in anticipation of their meeting later today. No doubt, it would be as fiery and heated as their previous encounters. Why he looked forward to that meeting, he had no idea. Just that being with Erin stirred his blood- and annoyed the crap out of him.

Ethan glanced down at his groin in disgust. He was harder than hell and he needed to do something about it soon or one day, he might be tempted to make good on his threat to Erin. An image of Erin pushed up against the wall, shapely legs locked around his waist, teeth grazing his neck while he pounded into her soft, willing-

"Christ!" He muttered. Forcing the image out of his mind, he reached for the cold water knob and turned it on full blast. The icy water did little to curb his arousal and he groaned, reaching for the bar of soap.

A few minutes later, he stepped out of the stall and headed for his locker. The "locker" in question was nothing like the ones in his high school days, rather this one could be more aptly described as a closet. The locker ran from floor to ceiling and the space within could conveniently hold an assortment of sports equipment and clothes.

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