Chapter 9: Mitsuri And Le Snek

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You woke up earlier than expected, maybe because you were eager to look at Tanjiro's progress. Making your way to the garden, you notice four figures seated on the porch while you watch from afar. He seemed to be eating some rice balls while the three girls conversed with him. You rested on a tree nearby, listening in to their conversation.

Tanjiro seemed to be shaken up, knowing that you, Kanao and the rest of the pillars were all using the full focus breathing. He was even more shocked to find Kanao being able to destroy the gourd which was made specifically to ne harder than others. You plopped down, the sleeves of your haori flowing gracefully behind you.

They all stared in awe as you grabbed one of the gourds, placing it in front of your mouth. "I'll give you a little example here Tanjiro, full focus breathing really does improve your stamina and you might be able to defeat me or Kanao soon!" Puffing your cheeks, you stand a safe distance away from them before blowing into the gourd. It immediately burst, none of it spared as the remains crumble onto the floor.

"Since that was smaller, it's easier to destoy. With more training, I know you can do it!" You pat his head before leaving, the burgundy haired boy looking at the gourd remains in shock. Motivation coursed through him, promising himself that he would work hard for your sake. As well as the others of course.

Walking along the halls of the Butterfly estate, you bump into someone's back, stumbling back while rubbing your head. "Ah, sorry about that!" The male turned around and you instantly recognized him as the one from Final Selection. You heard from a couple of other Slayers that he was Shinazugawa's brother, Genya.

The male looked back, his resting bitch face the same as ever. He glanced at you and his face instantly changed to a flustered one before he waved his hands around. "I-i'm- U-umm, Sorry Kawasaki-sama!" He bowed. You eyed his well built figure, definitely improved from the last time you saw him, taller too.

You smiled, patting his head in reassurance. "It's alright~! It was my fault anyway." His blush deepened, his eyes gazing at the floor. You walked him out before Hagakure and another crow came, seemingly belonging to Genya.

"Coo! Coo! Y/N, you are to go on a mission at the nearby village, there have been rumours of a powerful demon capturing teenage girls there!" She hollered, landing on your shoulder. You sigh, patting her. Genya's crow seemed to be telling Genya to rest which he replied harshly.

You placed a hand on his shoulder, patting it. "It's been nice knowing you Genya-san, although you can be more nicer. Farewell, I have a mission now!" His flustered state mumbled something before turning away.


The village seemed to be peaceful and they welcomed you with open arms, knowing that you were here to protect them from an unknown threat. It seemed they acknowledged the demons and the demon slayers. Lucky for them, this just recently happened and only three girls have been taken.

"Oh, Kawasaki-chan! You're here too~?" A familiar voice spoke behind you. You spun around to be met with lime eyes as Kanroji grasped your hands together. "Did you come here to experience the food too? I heard they made the best ramen and their dango are supposed to be the best~" You chuckle as she daydreamed of stuffing her face with sweets and treats.

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