Harry x Reader: Before the Battle of Hogwarts

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Author's Note/Summary: This one shot/imagine takes place moments prior to the Battle of Hogwarts. The reader is Harry Potter's significant other and they are desperate to see him one last time before everything commences. Fair warning: there is quite a bit of angst. I did my best to keep the reader gender neutral. Also, there is one comment on them being a muggle-born, hope that's okay. Enjoy!

The silence was palpable. The only sounds heard throughout the corridor were the echoing whispers of loved ones relishing in the last moments they had together and the hushed cries of younger students. It was the calm before the storm as some said. An oblivious bystander might interpret the words spoken between couples, families, and friends as unnecessarily compassionate. Those within Hogwarts, however, knew of the dark events that loomed. These traumatic events would have drastic consequences. That was a given. Yet several people were still determined to partake and help wherever they could. I was one of those reckless individuals.

The Battle of Hogwarts. A war that would no doubt be remembered forever in people's minds and history classes. As a seventh year, I oversaw protecting and calming the younger students. However, that was only until McGonagall seemed desperate for more defensive forces to protect the building. Swarms of death eaters threatened the castle and I could not help but grip my wand tighter as one of the strongest professors I knew seemed terrified; Terrified of asking the kids she spent the last few years mentoring to risk their lives. We only had a couple of hours to be those "kids" though. After that, we became war heroes.

The probability of death was high and I had no intention of calculating all the endless outcomes this day might bring. I simply did not want to face the reality that everyone I loved was at risk for dying a gruesome death, and I especially did not want to dwell on the fact that the man I was in love with would have to kill the darkest wizard of our time himself or be murdered instead.

Harry and I had been dating on and off for the past few years. He said he had every intention of marrying me once this war was behind us. If we both made it out alive, that is. Dating "The Chosen One" brought along severe anxiety. I constantly worried that every time I saw Harry, it would be the last. While the people fighting to save Hogwarts were not just fighting for Harry, it was no secret to anyone that Voldemort killing Harry is the action he craved to prove his power.

I nodded vigorously to Professor McGonagall as she ordered other older students and me to prepare to split up and defend the outer corridors of the castle and their secret passages. My mind was clouded, my feet running on their own. I did not know how to process all the rampant thoughts within my mind. I would have believed I was being irrational if I had not noticed everyone else feeling the same. No matter if it was a first-year or a skilled professor, the unknown of what was to come was enough to petrify anyone who thought about it long enough.

I passed several students, ones I had been attending school with for years. These people made up my childhood and now they were my fellow soldiers. Now relieved of my duties of soothing first and second years, I ran faster than I ever had before. I had to find him at least one last time.

I dashed through countless corridors, went up several flights of stairs, and looked in almost every room I could think of, but I could not find him. As I neared the castle entrance, I saw a red-haired boy holding hands with a bushy-haired brunette. They seemed to be deep in thought, strategically planning their next move. I could not stop myself from interrupting though, even if I wanted to. If anyone were to know where the man I loved was, it was them.

It worried me even more that Harry was not conspiring with the two. They were a package deal, always attached by the hip. I knew before we started dating that if I wanted to spend more time with Harry, I would have to spend more time with Hermione and Ron. There was no doubt about it.

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