episode 5

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Name of Fs Student: Sanchez Jasmine H. & Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Course: Bachelor Of Secondary Education                                Year & Section: III-A

Resource Teacher: Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School                      

Our Target

                   At the end of this episode, we should be able to explain the importance of curriculum through reflections from the observations made about it as used by the teacher.












Date of Observation: August 28, 2012

School: Sagay National High School                                    Subject Observed: English


The Topic



Learning Activities


Assessment of Learning

·         Nouns Using Appropriate Participle

Interaction with the teacher during class discussion. Students were volunteering to answer by raising their hands long before the teacher could call certain students to give the answer.

·         Formative type of assessment through a short quiz.

·         Participles in an Idiomatic Expressions

Interaction of teacher and students during class discussion. Students were participating by answering the teacher’s question and participating in board works.


·         Question and Answer during discussion and after the lesson before dismissal time.

Name of Teacher Interviewed:     Elenita B. Englis

Grade/Year Level & Section of Class Handled:     Grade III- 2

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