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The other six Harrys and Amelias sit upon thestrals and brooms. Hagrid sits astride a motorbike, goggles on.

As the real Harry and I appear, Hagrid taps the large sidecar for us to drop in.

"Good luck, everyone. On the count of three. One... two -" Mad Eye begins to say but is cut off by Hagrid kicking the motorbike to life, lurching forward.

Hedwig and Pepper swoop upward and beat toward the greasy moon.

As Hagrid roars into the sky, Harry and I twist around, watching one Harry and Amelia Potter after another whip past, watching Privet Drive grow smaller. Our eyes stinging in the wind, briefly lost in the moment, when a disturbance fills the air.

I turn away, looking up. Death Eaters drop from the clouds, surrounding the others. Flashes of green light splinter the darkness. Sparks explode on the bike's chassis and Hagrid howls in fury.

"Hagrid! We've got to help the others!" Harry says and I nod in agreement.

"Can't do it, 'arry. My job's ter get you where we're goin' safe 'n sound -- Mad-Eye's orders!"

"We can't just leave them!" I yell but before he can reply, four death eaters jet out of the darkness, robes snapping in the wind. As one, their wands rise.

Hagrid slams his hand onto a purple button. With an ear-shattering blast, the motorbike quivers and flames belch from the exhaust pipe. The Death Eaters scream, robes afire, and pinwheel away, freefalling towards the earth.

"What was that?" I ask, in awe.

"Dragon fire!" Hagrid tells me.

More Death Eaters swoop from the sky, and give chase. Hagrid dives, plummeting for the ground, trying desperately to shake them. Harry and I watch the earth rushing towards us, grimacing as the bike slams onto the asphalt and slaloms wildly as Hagrid roars into a tunnel, the Death Eaters still in pursuit. Hagrid leans wildly from side to side, eluding the flashes of light from the Death Eaters' wands.

Sparks skitter off the tunnel and shower down as the sidecar rides up into the air repeatedly, then slams down onto the roadway. I glance back, seeing the Death Eaters closing when light fills the tunnel and Hagrid roars. Turning back, I see a huge Lorry rushing towards us. As the headlights grow large, Hagrid steers the motorbike directly into them, then past, and up the rounded side of the tunnel.

The motorbike loops-the-loop and Harry and I dangle briefly, watching, upside down, as two Death Eaters fly smack into the lorry, before the motorbike comes round right side up, shoots out of the tunnel and soars back into the starry sky. Hagrid, Harry, and I soar higher, the air crackling with electricity as massive electrical pylons appear in the darkness.

As Hagrid weaves through the towers, a gang of Death Eaters jet into view. Harry and I fire a volley of Stunning Spells, sending a pair of Death Eaters into the sizzling wires where they dangle briefly, spasming, before plummeting into the darkness. We fire again and watch two others take evasive measures... unaware of the Death Eater closing in from behind. Finally we both turn. The Death Eater grins, wand twitching, when Hedwig and Pepper swoop down, flaying the Death Eater's wand hand.

Harry and I grin triumphantly when a mad volley of wand blasts ricochet off the motorbike and Hedwig and Pepper are gone, turned to ash. We glance about desperately, when a death eater calls out, "That's them! The real ones!" The remaining Death Eaters fall back and disappear.

"Hol' tight, Mia and 'arry! We've got ter get yeh out of here!" Hagrid hits the purple button again and the motorbike rockets forth. Harry and I gaze bleakly behind... then wince, eyes rolling back in our heads. Gripping our scars, we squint toward the horizon and see something closing on us. It looks like smoke, then begins to take shape.

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