Love Shyness

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Lost alot lately, but missing a few

Dreaming with less hope for something new

Alone in darkness, my heart's left unbound

Searching for love that's nowhere to be found

Suddenly, in my heart a light shines my way;

A glimmer of hope gets me through the day;

A beam of delight takes me out of the blue

Suddenly, that shining light is you.

I looked across and it's you I see

An exquisite portrait that exists in reality

The breeze of your voice, the beauty of your face

Are life's wonders I can't help to be amazed

My eyes behold, your beauty unfold

My heartbeat's racing, it's fear I'm bracing

Your voice had my senses failing

Your smile sends my thoughts sailing

I'm not supposed to fall in love with you

Coz you're so young, and I'm so past due

Crushed by time and love so unfair

I feel unworthy of wishing you were there

So I hid this love within my heart,

And shine the laughter in my eyes, 

That when we meet you may not know

This love I deemed unfit to show

My mind went numb and words went missing

As I put this love's crotchet into writing

Are these words right? Should I make them few?

Should I just throw them all, and say I Love You...

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