ten: it's about to begin

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"I hate you , Ronald !" She stormed out of the Great Hall .
She ran up to the common room when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist . He leaned down until his mouth was aligned with her ear . "Hey beautiful . Was your brother mad ?" He whispered , his breath tickling her . Despite how miserable she was , she giggled . "Yeah . You didn't exactly help did you ?" She said softly , turning around in his arms and gazing into his eyes lovingly . "Nope , I didn't did I , love ?" He placed a kiss on her nose . He leant down to kiss her -
"Drakie poo!"
Draco sighed . "What does she want ?"
"I don't know , Drakie poo."She said teasingly . "You little vixen ." He said huskily as he placed a quick kiss on her lips and told her to stay put .
"But Dra-" She didn't finished because he was already gone .
She peered around the corner and watched his interaction with Pansy Parkinson.
"Oh Drake! I was looking for you , baby ."She said a little breathlessly .
"Don't call me that ." He said sharply ,  a cold edge to his voice and an icy glint in his eyes. He brought down his walls for two people : his mother and Ginny . Nobody else.  Nobody .
She looked a little hurt but carried on trying . " Oh sorry Draco . I was wondering if the rumours are true ."
"What rumours ?" He spat , with a permanent sneer on his face . Her face scrunched up into one of disgust .
"That you're dating that disgusting little weasel, she is repulsi-" Her head snapped to the side and she brought a hand up to her cheek with stinging eyes and turned to the boy she loved .
" Don't EVER speak about Ginerva like that . Got it ?  " If looks could kill , Pansy would've been dead by now .
She whimpered . "Yes Draco ." She looked down . "Infact , don't speak to me again you little pug face . " He walked away . Pansy felt as if she was about to die . Her face hardened . That little blood-traitor had taken her Draco away from her . She would have to do something about this . But what ? Luckily for her , her answer came at that moment . She felt a tap on her shoulder and expected to see loving , grey eyes that were sympathetic but was instead met with crystal blue ones . She recognised him as Collin Creevey . She knew him because he had taken some pictures  for her . She didn't mind him and he was rather good looking after all .
"Creevey ." She said , not unkindly. "What brings you here ?" The blonde asked him .
"Do you wish to get revenge on Ginerva Weasley and ruin her relationship with Malfoy ?" He asked her bluntly.
"Yes ,why ?" She was skeptical .
"Because my boss does too and she needs your help ."
"Well , if I can't have Draco , I'll ruin his relationship ." She smirked ."Take me to this boss of yours ."
He smiled with no emotion ."Very well , follow me Ms Pansy ." He spun around and began walking but abruptly stopped . He turned around and a dark look entered his eyes .
"Phase 2 is about to begin ."

a/n: why did he call her 'ms pansy' not even 'ms parkinson' 'ms pansy'. what was I thinking? uh not edited yet. don't worry, I'll fix this monstrosity.

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