17 - Only this would happen to me

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I woke up and felt groggy straight away. My eyes were nearly too heavy to lift open, but I forced them open. I was in a white bed, with white sheets and a room with white walls. The hospital? I tried to recall why I was in here but I couldn’t. I looked down at my hand and there was someone else’s hand there holding mine. I followed the trail of the hand to the arm, to the shoulder and my eyes rested on a guy’s face. Damon’s face.

I tried to reach out to stroke his face but I couldn’t, I was too weak. Did he drink my blood again? Is that why I’m in here?

Just at the moment the doctor came barging in the door.

“Oh thank goodness you’re awake! I am sick of answering your friends questions about if you’re going to be awake or not!” The doctor beamed.

He was about 50ish and had dark grey hair.

“Now on a serious note, how are you feeling?” He asked.

“Y-y-yeah I’m okay I think…” I coughed.

Someone handed me a glass of water, I looked and that someone was Damon.

I smiled.

“Okay good, now do you remember what happened?” The doctor asked.

I read his badge and it said Dr Turnball.

I shook my head.

“Nothing?” He asked.

I shook my head, again.

“Okay, well for some odd reason, we can’t figure out why someone your age and as healthy as you are, you had a heart attack.” He answered seriously.

“WHAT?!” I choked on my water.

“I know, I know. Trust me we are working overtime to see if it’s genetic, in your blood stream or anything. The only other thing it could be, is there much stress going on in your life?” He asked.

“Stress?” I wondered.

“Yeah, in some case patients might have significant stress or an event that will trigger the heart. Anything like that? You’re dad said you moved out recently, do you think this could have had something to do with it?” He asked.

My boyfriends a vampire and I live with him and his vampire brother. Damon bit a girl in school and Jake witnessed it. Jane was a bitch and a bimbo but she didn’t deserve what she got because she was being a bully. I don’t speak to my dad or brother anymore. I don’t speak to any of my school friends anymore. Maybe this was too much for me to handle?

“Um, maybe… I’m not sure. My head hurts.” I answered him.

“Hmm yes I heard you hit your head. That’s okay, just have some rest and I’ll check on you later.” He smiled and left the room.

“Damon! A heart attack! A blood heart attack! I am 17 years old!” I shrieked.

“I know Ellie, I know…” He replied.

“No you don’t know, this is too much! It’s too damn much! I need to get out of here,” I tried to unplug the cords that were attached to me. “I need to get away.”

“Sit down and don’t be silly, you heard what the doctor said, you need to rest. You don’t want history repeating itself.” He told me.

I noticed he wasn’t holding my hand anymore. I tried to reach out to him but he flinched away.

“Er, I better go tell the others that you’re awake, they are in the waiting room. I’ll be back,” he told me and left the room.

What? Why didn’t he want to hold my hand?

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