Part 2

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Messiah POV

we finally make it to the airport and board the jet, Pooh fell asleep on the way here so I had to carry her on board..

I didn't tell her we're going to Dubai for our honeymoon. Jayda and baby said they would stay at the house with Kai. Mama said she'd go and check on the, every other day since we're going to be gone for 2 weeks

Pooh finally wakes up

"Baby I'm starving" they bring her some chicken and rice

soon as she gets done eating she's running to the bathroom. This morning sickness is really taking a toll on my baby.

I tell her to go lay down while I get her a ginger ale

She takes a few sips and I lay down beside her.

Pooh starts rubbing me though my sweats

"You was just sick mamas"

"So you not gone gimme none?"

"You sure" I asked as she slid my pants down

Nobody's POV

Ari stoked messiah from the base of his dick to the tip before wrapping her lips around it. Her left had had a soft grip on his balls

"Fucc Pooh" he moaned

She started bobbing her head at a steady pace, his hands came in contact with the back of her head pushing her all the way down. It still shocks him how she's able to swollow him like it's nothing

Siah gains control back and picks Ari up laying her on her back. Kissing her deeply before moving down suckin on her neck.

He grabs one of her breast twirling her nipple between his fingers while the other is in his mouth, he switches sides making sure to show them the same amount of attention before placing wet kisses down her stomach till reaching her clit

"Wanna see a trick" he asks

Ari nods as Siah gets up and grabs a cup of ice, using his mouth sitting it right above her clit licking slowly

"Shiitttt" Ari moans

Messiah kept licking & sucking till she came.

"Uhh" she yelled gripping the sheets as she released

He stood over her kissing her deeply while slowly sliding into her wet center,

"Mmmmm" Ari moaned

"Shiiitt" Siah moans Slowly going in and out trying not to buss quick and savor the moment

"Faster daddy"

Siah keeps his same slow pace, Ari wraps her legs around him.

"Fuck me" she whines

He smirks before beating her shit up,

"Cum for me" he says

she moans and shakes uncontrollably as they cum together

"Damn I love you"

"I love you more daddy"

-15 hrs later-


We FINALLY reach the condo Siah rented and I just wanna sleep. We decided to take a shower and lay down. Soon as my head hits the pillow my phone rings. It's Gates

"Wassup bro" I said yawning

"We'll all be there tomorrow"

"What's going on"

"Can't say over the phone, but it's some crazy shit"

"Crazy like dre-"

"Don't say names, but worse than that"

"What could possibly be worse"

"I found out who our brother is"

"Who is he? Do we know him"

"Yeah, Pooh we know him real well"

"You scaring me"

"Just know Sr popping back up all of a sudden isn't a coincidence"

"Then What is it"

"A chance at revenge"

"Gates this is our father we're talking about"

"Nah Pooh our father died 6, almost 7 years ago. Our dad would never move how this nigga moving"


"See you tomorrow we about to get on the jet"

"Okay love you, and be safe"

"2 times"

Call ends

"Pooh, what's going on." Siah asks

"Gates found our brother"

"Yooo, What" he said sitting up

"Apparently my dad is an opp too. They're all coming here"

"So we gotta take out yall daddy"

"Ion know, maybe" I said rubbing my temples "let's just talk about this when they get here"

-next day-

"Siah baby wake up, everybody's here"

We both get up and head to the living room, Kai runs to me

"I miss you mommy"

"I missed you too baby"

"What about daddy" Siah says pouting

"I miss you too dada" she said cheesing

"Okay so what's going on, y'all looking like we about to attend a funeral"

Dreka gets Kai and takes her upstairs with her kids,

"Pooh I think you need to sit down" Tae tells me

"Okay, now tell me" I said once I was seated

"Firstly we found out why he faked his death" bully said staring out the window

"Why did he"

"He killed their dad" Gates says

"Wait who's-"

Bully cuts me off "y'all dad killed our dad, his bestfriend" bully spat

"What the hell" Siah said now jumping up

"Wait, that can't be right" I said in disbelief "why would he"

"We still don't know exactly why" bully explains

"So this nigga been on some snake ass shit" I said shaking my head "I need a fuckin blunt"

Everybody nods agreeing except mama

"Pooh" mama warns

"Sorry ma. So if he killed y'all dad why he act like he didn't know who you was"

"Probably to keep up this fuckin innocent act" bully says

"This is wild, I'm so sorry for y'alls loss" I say to mama Siah and bully

"Pooh it's been years, and we know you had nothing to do with it" bully reassures me "at this point we just wanna know why

"Yeah me too.  Umm So did y'all figure out who he's married to"

"Nah I can't find that information anywhere" shooter says finally looking up from the computer

"Okay so who's our brother" I turn looking at Gates


I turn looking behind me

"Wait what

"Pooh, he's our brother" Gates tell me

"W-wait you mean to tell me you're MY brother"

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