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I brutally opened my eyes when I felt something long and wet enter my pussy.

I moaned as the tongue was deep in me flicking and flicking.

Wait! Who is this!?

I sat up and saw mattia there smirking

S-MATTIA what are you doing we could get-

M-Shh babygirl they are all out it's just you and me now lay down and relax

I did as he said and went back to laying down.

He went back to eating me out but this time he made his tongue move wayy faster than before making me scream

S- AWHH~~ fuckkk

He kept doing amazing things with his long tongue until I felt my juices coming.

S- Shit mattia I'm gonna-

As I tried to finish my sentence I came in his mouth.

He chuckled a bit and went up to kiss my neck

M- cant even finish you sentence huh?

He whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine

S- A-are you done yet

M- No baby we haven't gone to the fun part yet

He opened my legs out and placed himself in the middle of them.

He fully undress es himself and started sucking on my neck again

Making me moan.

He was also rubbing his member against me


M-wait who?

S-Daddy I want you i-in me

M-hmm you do?

S- y-yeah

I couldn't hold it in. I wanted him.

He aligned himself and without warning he shoved his dick inside me making me jump a little and scream.

He pounded into me at a slow pace so I could get used to him since his dick was so long.

It took me a while to adjust but when I did he picked up the pace and started pounding into me harder and faster

S- AHHHH daddyyy!!!

M- You like that babygirl?

S- AHHH fuck me harder

He lowered his head and we started making out while he kept going in and out of me fast.

M- shit your so tight


S- AHHHhhh...im gonna cum

M- hold it.

Mattia slowed down and started shoving his dick hard in me.

Making me come and he came outside of me.

M- Oh jeez

He fell beside me and we both were breathing heavily

S- what was all that about

M- maybe morning se will make you forgive me for being a asshole

S-Lowkey did

I smiled at him and kissed him on the forehead

S- where did the others go?


S- isn't it closed?

M- yeah but for pickup its not

S-oh makes sense... I'll go take a shower

M- okay I'll go clean up downstairs

S- Okay

He left and I hopped on the shower and got ready.

Once I finished brushing my hair I heard the boys coming in Arguing about things.

Once I finished brushing my hair I heard the boys coming in Arguing about things

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