Component 13 - Rush

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Component 13: Rush

"Angon, please, wait up!" Lavina cried, as she tried her best to keep up with her friend, the Forge.

But Angon couldn't wait—he could not slow down. That voice in his mind had told him that the Gavin was in trouble. Despite their differences, the Forge knew he couldn't let anything happen to that Elf. It would devastate small, delicate Lavina. Angon couldn't have that.

"I must not stop!" Angon shouted back, hoping the girl could hear him.

He bounded across the hills, in the direction of the Gavin had travelled. Why the Elf believed going off on his own was a good idea? Even Angon, with his little knowledge of the world, knew it was too dangerous to travel alone.

Angon found that out first hand just then. The hill disappeared from beneath his feet, and he stepped out into the air. Spinning with the reflexes of a wildcat, the Forge grabbed the cliffside with one hand, digging in his iron fingers, and grabbing a long, hanging root with the other.

"Angon, where did you—" Lavina began to shout, but then ran out into the air above Angon's head.

Seeing this, Angon knew his choice must be made. If he let go, he could fall to his doom, but if he didn't, Lavina surely would fall to hers.

"I've got you!" Angon cried, releasing the cliff, and trusting in the root to hold them aloft.

His huge hand wrapped around Lavina's ankle, just as she tumbled through the air. A screech escaped the girl's lips and Angon hung on tight. She swung around, and slammed into the cliff wall, drawing a grunt of pain.

"Lavina!" Angon cried, "Are you hurt?"

At first Lavina said nothing and the Forge began to panic. He couldn't see beneath him, so he knew of one way to check her status. He shook her, bit too hard.

"Waahaa!" Lavina screeched, "S-s-stop i-i-it!"

Angon, stopped the violent shaking and held her still.

"You're alive." Angon said.

"Y-yes." Lavina answered, "But not for long if we don't do something."

While the Forge had a tight grasp on her, no one had a tight grasp on the Forge. He knew he would have to rectify the situation soon, or they would both fall the hundreds and hundreds of feet below—if they survived the fall, they would be crushed against the cliff face by the humongous crashing waves.

Angon looked up, and he saw no way to climb. His hands were both occupied, and to his horror, the root was beginning to pull away from the cliff.

A large rock, the size of a compass stone, fell away from the cliff.

"Ow!" Lavina squealed.

But Angon couldn't answer. He could only stare with his glowing eye orbs. The root came loose and they fell a foot. Both the Forge and the Half-Elf yelped.

"Do something strong man!" Lavina yelped.

"You're the one with the magic!" Angon shouted back.

Neither magic, nor strength would save them from their predicament. For, the root was giving way, and Lavina knew of no levitation or flight spells.

"I'm s-sorry." Angon whispered, just as he saw the root's threading snap away from the base.

And they fell.

The pair both screamed as they plummeted downwards. The water came rushing up, grasping to meet them. It almost seemed as if the deity of the sea wanted to devour them whole. Angon wanted to close his eyes, but he couldn't help but stare at their coming destruction. Lavina, however, had no qualms about closing hers.

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