Shay layed in the bed. She was in pain but she didn't know why she was in so much pain she was only one and a half months. Shay picked up the phone and dialed mother number.

"Hello Shay what are you doing up at three something in the morning"Said ma

"I'm in pain ma so much pain every time I move it hurts so bad"Said Shay

"Uhm ok Shay get up and put on clothes imm call rayray and make him get up"said ma hanging up.

About ten minutes later Rayray came in Shay room and told her to come on. He walked behind her so she wouldn't fall or stumble cause it was dark outside.

Rayray rush to the hospital arriving five minutes.

Rayray went on Shay side and got her out. Coming in the hospital they rush Shay to the back.

For almost two hours Rayray sat there waiting for feedback or something and he got nothing. Finally a doctor came out.

"Are you RayRay"Ask the doctor extend his arm

"Yes I am"Said Rayray getting up shaking the doctors hand.

"Okay Rayray your sister is fine she's a little stressed out she needs plenty of rest or the baby could be in danger of being premature or even pasting a way"Said the doctor

Rayray listen to what else the doctor said and got a couple of forms and he headed to get his sister.

I don't know why Shay is having this baby its gone make her life very hard I swear. But my sister has always made decisions I thought were wrong and they turnt out to be very good situations at the end. I gotta believe in her and have faith she know what she is doing. Interrupting Rayray's thoughts Shay reached her hands out for help to get down.

The car ride home was silent. Shay layed the seat back and sung to the baby. Rayray listen. Pulling up at the house Rayray put the car in park.

"Shay I'm sorry, I'm sorry for calling you a bitch I'm sorry for saying you was dumb and stupid I'm sorry for not showing you love when you need it I'm sorry for being that hateful brother. And I know you hate me I hate myself but please just think about forgiving me please"Said Rayray tears rolling down his face.

Shay hadn't seen him cry like this until he found our Shay was having sex. She had nothing to say.

She whipped his tears and she got out the car.

I forgive my brother I do but I can't talk to him right now I just wanna be alone and I gotta change a couple of shit for me and my baby.
Shay:Jay I love you but I can't be with you no more I'm not stable for a relationship and not ready please understand.....

Jay:Bitch you think you slick all I did for you and you think you gone leave me hoe I will kill you.

Shay:calm down I'm not leaving you I'm just breaking things off RIGHT NOW

Jay:everybody else don walked out my life alive but you finna walk out that hoe half alive or dead I promise you that ..... Lol bitch

Not replying to Jay text message she was scared Jay was crazy he would do anything in his power for his wish to come true.

God forgive me for my sins and guide me to my destiny forgive me for my wrongs and praise me for my rights. Send the negatives out my life bring the positives in. Pray for my baby and pray for my baby daddy that he wouldn't be stupid enough to kill the person who went thru hell with him please god let me live to see my baby's birth.

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