Chapter 2: The Princess Has Arrived

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It's been a few weeks since your first day at CHS and things have been interesting to say the least.

You made a few friends that were Flash Sentry, the (Hu)Mane 5 and a few other students. You would help out the school and help out others with their problems which lead to you becoming popular as a result.

However there was one student who tried to make your life at CHS a misery and that student was also your crush, Sunset Shimmer, she would try to find ways to mess with you or embarrass you but you were smart enough to avoid any of her tricks and if Sunset was too busy to mess with you, she would send her lackeys Snips and Snails to mess with you by they would always fail in the end. You tried to get a reason for why they were helping her but they didn't answer.

When Sunset confronts you and tried to mess with you yourself, you tried to convince her to give up her bullying ways because they would only lead to misery and despair in the end but she wouldn't take you seriously. But yet whenever you said something about that to her, she would flinch in spin for a moment before telling you that she refused to change her ways which made you wonder if there was more to Sunset than Hasbro ever mentioned about her.

When you weren't at school, you would be in your apartment with Daisy practicing some spells from the spell book Harmonia left you and learn how your magic works and learned a bunch of different spells such as magic blasts, energy sensing, telekinesis, flight, item mimic, shapeshifting, and other types of spells and where you weren't learning how to you magic, you went to a martial arts dojo which you found in the city and took some classes while Daisy went out grocery shopping for you and cleaned up the apartment. You were a fast learner in magic and martial arts which would make you an intermediate class in both magic and martial arts. Occasionally, you would practice both of these with Daisy since she happened to have been taught martial arts as well and has magic herself.

It's been a month since you first ended up in the Equestria Girls world and that meant the events of the first Equestria Girls movie was about to happpen...

You were sleeping in your bed when-




You woke up, grabbed your alarm clock and slammed it on the wall, breaking it.

(Y/N): "Stupid clock..." You grunt as you fell back into bed and fell asleep.

You had spent the last night training in magic and martial arts do much that you stayed up later than you thoughtful would, you are still tired and sleepy which made you fall back to sleep instantly.

It looked like you were going to be late to school.

An hour later you woke up, fully rested and filled with energy.

(Y/N): "That was a good sleep." You said and stretched your arms as Daisy stood in front of your bed.

Daisy Charm: "(Y/N), you overslept for an hour. You're going to be late!" She yells.

(Y/N): "What?!" You said as you grab your phone form the nightstand and turn it on to see the time. "Oh crap!" You freaked it and quickly got out of bed.

You u quickly changed out of your pajamas and into your casual clothes, made a slice of toast for breakfast which you quickly ate, grabbed everything you needed, went out the door and waved bye to Daisy as you ran off.

(Y/N): 'Damnit! I shouldn't have overworked myself. I should have listen to Daisy! Now I'm going to be late to school!' You thought panicked. 'I guess that means most of the students are in class and that also means Sunset must have stolen the Element of Magic and Fluttershy must have given it to Principal Celestia already. Crap! Still, maybe Twilight and Spike haven't arrived yet so I still have a chance to help them.' You thought as you ran through the city.

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