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Chanyeol considered himself as an optimist. Whenever he's faced with conundrums, he'd nod his head and take on the challenge with a bright smile and an undaunted heart. Everything that is thrown your way serves a purpose. That's what he believed in. His unwavering bravery and determination had propelled his career into greater heights.

He treasures his job so much. He had poured every bit of blood and sweat to reach the position he's in now. The creative director of THE SCENE, a clothing slash fashion company which houses both international and local designers. It took him years of hard, grueling work to be able to have his own office, his own desk, his own team and be treated with respect in this competitive industry where you can be replaced just as easily you change outfits.

That's why right now, he is in a maximum discomfort of a position, his organs feeling like its being pulled down by gravity. But he's enduring it.

He had a thief to catch.

His body was concealed behind the black leather couch, his head peaking out of the right side, eyes laser focused on the door he purposely left unlocked.

He had a hunch on who it was. The person who had the guts to steal from him. Repeatedly. At first he blamed himself. Maybe he was still too nauseous from the 10-day cruise ship vacation to keep track of where he leave his pens. The following week though, it still kept on happening and that time he felt maybe its his age letting him know he wasn't getting any younger. The proceeding week go by and he brushed it off and just went about his life.

But that was a month ago. Now it's just absurd and to be frank, Chanyeol's tired of rummaging through his office like a headless chicken looking for his pens so he could sign important papers. It's also a pain in the ass when he reaches for a certain color and find that not only is it gone, the pen holder was also completely empty, save for the scissors he kept on hand. Ballpens, colored pencils, markers even highlighters, all gone.

He can't help but think of how silly he looks right now. Anyone can just come inside– including his peculiar assistant that has no qualms in pointing out his boss' bullshit– see him and think he's losing his sanity. But alas, Chanyeol's desperate to get to the bottom of this and stop it.

He heard a click and he's suddenly on high alert. Arms braced on the cold tiled-floor under him. He was unblinking as he stared at the door, waiting for it to open and reveal the culprit. His inner James Bond is seriously enjoying this. His heart's pounding so hard it might as well as jump out through his throat.

A tiny sound, barely audible made Chanyeol inhale deeply. This is it, he thought. It grew louder and louder but the door remained shut.

At first, nothing happened. Until the sliding window opened with an abrupt bang. Chanyeol whipped his head towards the sound, his vision swimming for a moment with the sudden movement.

A tiny leg and red hat poked out. Chanyeol thanked the gods that he decided to wear his contact lenses today. The leg took a step inside, planting it on the tiny space in front of the glass.

As Chanyeol squinted his eyes to get a better look, another tiny creature entered. Followed by another and another until he's pretty sure he just lost it. His mind's gotta be playing tricks on him.

What even are those things? Dwarves? Elves? Monsters? Aliens?

Oh God. Was he roofied? Did his secretary actually made true of his threat that he'll kill him?

He was pulled out of his mind because now there were seven of them and they were jumping to the back of his swivel chair and into his desk. Their movement were coordinated. Little bodies suspended in the air for a few seconds before landing right on the spot.

One of them stayed in front of the open window, back facing Chanyeol, maybe acting as the lookout. The other six are now scouring through the mess of documents, sketches, sample fabrics and beads on top of the desk.

The thing is, Chanyeol had hid his pen holders, now fully restocked with all his favorite supplies, so that the thief would take longer to excute his crime, giving Chanyeol enough time to catch him.

But oh boy was Chanyeol shocked. The weird turn of events rendered him frozen, mouth forming and o as he helplessly watch things unfold.

The giggle was what finally made him realize that this was a hallucination. Auditory and visual hallucination. He tried shaking his head wildly, still on the floor, and when he opened his eyes, they're still very much their and now one of them was even jumping up and down on a piece of rubber. They were also chanting a song that didn't really made sense to Chanyeol.

And instead of the initial plan of capturing them, he was unable to move and do anything. He just watched dumbly as the tiny creatures got a hold of a blue ballpen that he must've missed while hiding the others. They turned towards the window once again, jumped out and closed the glass and exited the office holding their latest spoil.

Chanyeol's is in dire need of a therapy session.

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