Chapter 16 : Constant Fighting

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"Mother, will father be alright?"

The eyes of curiosity appears on the girl's face while glancing at her dear mother. The older woman could only give her daughter a tiny smile before answering, "he'll be fine, I'm sure of it. He's a very dedicated and strong man, (Y/N)."

The woman sat down next to her child and stare at the glimmering stars above the sky. In all honesty, she couldn't shake the feel of anxious about her beloved husband, who is suffering from a rare disease and she needs to take him to the nearest hospital as fast as possible. But the limited transportation in their village and how much the treatment is going to cost stopped the woman from doing what she desperately wanted to do, even if indeed she lives in a sufficient family. Not to mention she also needs to take care of their only daughter who had recently entered the age of ten.

"..Mother, it's alright!" The sudden outburst made the woman flinched. She averted her gaze toward the young girl who has a smile on her lips, "I'll try not to be a burden so you can get the medicine father needs!"

"But, (Y/N) dear.. You're still too young to be left by yourself, you can't do chores properly yet," the woman had a frowned look on her face. She couldn't believe herself that her own daughter tried to convince her to travel to the town and leave her all alone.

"I can live with Hoshi-san next door until you come back!"  The child puffs her cheeks, upset that her mother doubted her.

"You know that Hoshi can't look after two little girls at the same time. She has her own granddaughter to take care of."

"Oh! I wanted to play with her again! It's been so long since we've met." She stood up before reaching her hands towards the beautiful sky above.

Her mother thought for a second before silent took over between them. Though, her daughter would still convince herself that everything will be alright.

"Mother! It's fine! You want father to recover right? And so do I!"

The little girl then flinched as her mother stood up out of nowhere and went back inside their house without saying anything. Tilting her head to the side, she was worried if she took her words a little too far.

But not long after, her nose jerked as she could smell something unusual from the distance.

"Hm? Why does it smell like something's burning out of nowhere?"


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