Episode 1

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As soon as I started watching, no, even before that 

I had a strong feeling that Kiyotaka is going to be the main character of this anime series. My feeling was confirmed immediately after hearing his voice while he was talking about equality at the start of the very first episode.

"Ah~, My heart started beating just from seeing him on the screen... what is wrong with me." 

Feeling warm, I listened carefully to every word that he said in his inner monologue. Shortly, Kushida-san made an appearance. She was begging Kouenji to give his seat to the elderly woman

"Hmm.. So she was acting like that even on the bus?" 

I don't particularly hate or like Kushida-san, but as someone who went through a lot in the past, I learned how to judge people's nature. My intuition always told me that Kushida-san is a dangerous person and that I should keep my relationship with her as superficial as possible.

"I know mostly everyone in our class (boys and girls) trust her with their secrets... but I don't think I ever once thought about telling her about mine. I definitely felt that it wasn't the best move for some reason." 

After the bus scene, Horikita-san approach Kiyotaka and started talking about some conviction nonsense 

"Hmph! who does she think she is?? Always looking down on people for no reason!" 

I tried to calm myself down by looking at the animated version of myself. 

"Ehh? I think I actually look way cuter than this but ok"

Oh, I remember this what happened in this scene, Hirata-Kun tried to take the initiative and get everyone to introduce themselves. I came to this school to start a new life after running away from my past, so I instantly agreed with him with my best gyaru impression 

"Woah, now that I see myself talking like this, I really nailed the whole gyaru thing didn't I!" 

Kiyotaka started his monologue about how he wanted to give off a good impression with his self-introduction. But he ended up ruining it. 

"Mouuu Kiyotaka! why are you always so hopeless?! ....Maybe that was for the best?"

With his bland self-introduction, Kiyotaka displayed horrible communication skills. This is the reason why most of the girls (including me) never thought of him as an attractive boy, even though he was even more handsome than Hirata-Kun 

"Thanks to his clumsiness, I get to have him all to myself...ah- what did I just? Ahhhhhh MOUUUUU why do I keep thinking like this???" 

Looking at my red face in the mirror I completely forgot about the episode and was thinking of a way to prevent myself from becoming a tomato whenever I thought of Kiyotaka. 

"At this rate... I'll never be able to look him in the face...." 

I decided to stop worrying about this for now and continue watching. 

This is after we just got our 100,000 points,  I see only  Kiyotaka and Horikita saved their points. On the other hand, I bought all kinds of accessories. It's part of my gyaru persona I needed to be stylish at all times, if I knew about what was going to happen later I would have spent my points wisely.

"Well, I did get a lot of points because of the Zodiac Special Exam. Thanks to Kiyotaka's plan...He completely tricked everyone back then didn't he."

(Author Note: No we're not talking about Blitz Exam)

Everyone was showing off what they bought with there points on the next day. Oh, there's a short scene with me, Satou-san and Matsushita-san.

"Woaaah... They really made Matsushita-san pretty. Satou-san and I are barely in the picture..." 

Shortly after,  the next scene showed Kiyotaka and Kushida-san talking. She was looking at him with puppy eyes while holding his hand. 

"W-W-What is she ????  Kushida-san made a move on Kiyotaka???? huhh???"  

After I calmed down and listened to the contents of their conversation I realized that she was just using Kiyotaka to get closer to Horikita-san. Their plan ended up in failure. 

"Oh, there's another scene with Satou-san and Matsushita-san... it's gone already? I barely saw myself this whole episode >:("

Dissatisfied, I continue watching, not because I'm thinking I might have more screen time by the end of the episode, but because I know the main character is Kiyotaka and I wanna see him more. 

Sadly the episode ends at the Homeroom when Chabashira-sensei tells us the truth about our S-points.  

"Uwaah, that brings back a lot of memories. I wonder how the next episodes are going to be? Maybe I'll get more screen time?"

I wanted to text Satou-san and tell her about my thoughts on the first episode of the anime but I decided not to do that yet.

"It would be troublesome if the anime showed Kiyotaka's abilities, I wouldn't want her to know about them" 

It was already getting late, so I decided to go to bed while thinking about how nice would it have been if I met Kiyotaka at the very beginning before everyone else. 

(Author: I could definitely write another  fanfic about that for you Kei <3)

 To be Continued in Episode 2

Author's Note: 

I'm still wondering if I should make the episodes more detailed or not. Do tell me if this one was too long or too short so that I know how to pace my future episodes

Also, someone said I'm a 5-star fanfic writer and I just can't stop smiling (I know they were joking but I can't help it since no one usually compliments my writing)

TAUWAAAAA I feel like I'm becoming more and more like Kei

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