Everyone laughed and hunched over clutching their stomachs, when the kid tried to throw the ball. The ball was thrown so bad that it went like a foot away from his feet. The kid ran off, puffs of dust left behind and when he was out of sight, a girl walked in.

She looked at where he ran off, then to where he originally saw. She shrugged then walked over to the fence before she jumped up and started climbing the fence. When she was done, her eyes darted around The Sandlot then landed on the boys and Benny. Benny then realized who she was.

The mystery girl.

He called her that because everyday she would come over and watched the him and the rest of the boys play baseball, sitting down on the fence. She had curly blonde hair and she wore the same thing. A black tank top, ripped shorts, a flannel wrapped around her waist, and black converse. He never had the guts to walk over to her and ask her for her name, so the name 'Mystery Girl' stuck.

She was hot.

But Benny didn't recognize her because her curly hair was straightened and placed in two braids.

"Hellooo?" Fingers snapping in his face interrupted his thoughts. He realized the whole gang was around him and that DeNunez was the one snapping his fingers.

"Looks like Benny's giving the mystery girl googly eyes!" Ham teased.

"Yeah, yeah he's drooling!" Yeah-Yeah started playing along.

"No I'm not!" Benny defended.

"Sure you weren't! We were screaming your name for god knows how long!" Squints raised his arms.

"I don't blame him though. She's hot." Timmy said.

"I don't blame him though. She's hot." Tommy repeated.

"Whatever, just go back to your spots!" Benny rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

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