bathroom scene 🔞

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please do not read if you are uncomfortable with smut, thank you !

wonwoo lead mingyu by the hand into the bathroom, rushing into one of the stalls and always checking the surrounding areas in case anyone was around.

it wasn't until they locked themselves inside one of the cubicles they realised how cramped the space was to fit the two of them.

but they were going to make it work.

"so how do you want to do this?" mingyu asked the elder, their bodies already pressed up against each other due to the little space to manoeuvre in. although mingyu was excited to do this, he still wanted to be respectful to wonwoo and what he was comfortable with, he didn't want to do anything that would cause the elder to become uncomfortable.

"you lead the way." wonwoo shrugged. "besides, you're the one who did this before and i didn't get caught, right?" he smirked and talked in a whisper, grabbing mingyu by his tie and pulling him the closest they could be and attached their lips together.

wonwoo kissed him desperately, kind of roughly, his tongue dragging over mingyu's bottom lip. mingyu didn't expect the first kiss to start of so rough, but he wasn't going to complain. he just assumed wonwoo was acting so desperately was because maybe he hasn't had this type of action in so long. if wonwoo wanted to do something, mingyu was more than happy to let him do what he wanted.

mingyu grabbed wonwoo by the hips, pushing him up against the cubicle's walls as they kissed and kissed again, roughly and passionately as wonwoo squeezed the tie in one of his hands and the other on mingyu's nape.

they kissed for quite a while, until they were both breathless, but mingyu wanted to tease the elder boy under him and make him feel good, the adrenaline inside of him taking control of his movements.

breaking away for a bit, mingyu skilfully slid wonwoo's shirt down his shoulders after unbuttoning and loosening the tie. he placed wet kisses all over the latter's collarbone, sucking at the pale skin. a breathless moan escaped wonwoo's lips from the sensation.

the younger connected his lips with wonwoo's again, after leaving red and purple marks that decorated wonwoo's skin. mingyu bit wonwoo's bottom lip the same time his hand is placed on the elder's crotch, over the zipper of wonwoo's slacks.

just from the touch was enough to send shivers down wonwoo's spine, after so long. "mingyu." he breathed out, already breathless from the immense kissing.

mingyu stopped kissing wonwoo to look up to him and he started moving his hand over wonwoo's slacks. they were quite a thin fabric so wonwoo was able to feel everything.

the elder dropped his head on mingyu's shoulder, letting out the prettiest moan mingyu had ever heard. but they had to be quiet, after all. wonwoo bit his bottom lip and kissed mingyu's neck from time to time to suppress his sounds.

"m-mingyu." wonwoo stuttered.

"what is it, baby?" mingyu whispered lowly in wonwoo's ear, still teasing the elder as he stroked over the elder's covered area.

"stop- teasing me. it hurts." wonwoo whined with a pout, looking up to mingyu.

"does it now, baby?" mingyu teased again, raising an eyebrow. but wonwoo whined again.

"touch me, please." wonwoo whined and pleaded, his head falling onto mingyu's shoulders again.

mingyu didn't say anything and unzipped the elder's slacks and sneaked his hand inside wonwoo's briefs, wrapping his long fingers around wonwoo's dick and stroking it slowly. wonwoo moaned instantly at mingyu's touch.

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