Chapter 11

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3rd POV (I won't do this a lot)

As (Y/N)'s mom fiddled witho the keys before entering the house, she noticed all the lights were off. 'She must be asleep,' (Y/N)'s mom thought as she made her way into the house.

She reached for the lights and once they were turned on she screamed out in horror as she took sight on the bloody scene that was placed. (M/N), worrying mostly about (Y/N), ran upstairs into her daughters room, not noticing Ticci Toby hiding in the corner of the room.

(M/N) frantically searched for her lost daughter everywhere, while Toby skipped out the room tears streaming through his eyes being reminded the scene of the attack.

He searched for a way out, careful not to alarm (M/N). He finally found the back door when he stepped on a cat's tail. Making the cat hiss at him.

(I forgot to mention what Bruce looks like. Bruce is a black cat with light blue eyes)


I heard (M/N)'s searching stop and her footsteps stomping down the stairs. I grabbed the cat, knowing he was important to (Y/N), along with a huge bag of cat food I quickly found in the closet, and stormed out the door before she saw me.

~time skip brought to you by Mr. Butt~

I ran and I ran as fast as I could, trying not to break the bag of cat food. I also was glad I was numb to pain due to the cat's scratches.

What was the cat's name again? Brook? Buns? Bruce? Yes, Bruce! That's it!

I continued to run through the forest trying to find the portal. I finally found it after 10 minutes, long after (M/N) had called the cops and called out a search for the "ominous unknown killer" that had kidnapped her daughter.

I went through the portal that let me transport to the mansion and made my way to the the building. When I got in and looked at the time I remembered the dimension we were in had a faster time and realized I was gone for 5 hours...

"Where have you been?" I heard Slender say concerned. Then followed by a "And what's with the cat?!"

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