2 hours Earlier

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2 hours earlier

Natasha's P.O.V

It was Friday night and we were watching, Escape From Planet Earth while eating boxes of pizza and some of us were playing the board game, Sorry. "Fury is trying to make contact sir." JARVIS said.

"Tell him were not available." Tony replied

"Sir, my system s are getting override." JARVIS said

"What." Tony said worried.

The elevator opened up and Fury had a file with him. He walked toward us, Clint and I got up to meet him.

"What's up sir?" I asked

"Avengers I want you to get this kid, he is a terrorist." He handed us folder that said,

Name: Perseus Achilles Jackson

Age: 16

Mother: Sally Jackson-Blofis (Deceased)

Father: Unknown

Step-Father: Paul Blofis (Deceased)

Date of Birth: August 8, 1998

Lives: {Enter Apartment Number and Complex} (A/N: Don't really know residents)

Eyes: Sea Green

Hair: Black, Messy

Picture: {to the right for computer users, top of page for phone users}

Things done: Killed rattlesnake in Pres-School with bare-hands, Dropped class into Shark Tank, Blew up Saint Arch, Blew up 3 buses, etc.

Visits: Graveyard after visiting hours

"I want to meet this kid!" Tony exclaimed

"How do you kill a rattlesnake in Pres-school with your hands?" Steve asked

I had no clue how someone in Pres-School can do that.

"I want this kid detained tomorrow, now get a good sleep. I want this kid." Fury said then walked out of the building.

"Well, tomorrow should be interesting, we are detaining a 16 year old this isn't going to be good." Bruce said

I mean we were going to detain a kid, this isn't going to be good. None of us wanted to fight a kid, Thor was here his eyes were wide open.

"Thor, you know this kid." Clint asked

"I have heard of him Eye of Hawk, he is a legend on Asgard. We hope not to be his enemy but talk to him into coming."

"Why is that?" Steve asked

"You wish not to be his enemy America of Captain, he will protect his friends even if he dies."

That drew silence on the situation, Thor looked uncomfortable.

2 hours later

We found the kid at the graveyard after hours like his file said. He was staring off into the sea that was nearby. He was sittingin front of 8 graves, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Leo, Sally, and Paul. It looks like they died, "I wish sometime to be with you guys...I miss you so much." He whrispered but we all heard.

I gave the look that says stat the plan, Tony went into the air, Clint went into a tree, Bruce and I were going to stand here in case Captain and Thor need help talking to the kid.

"We go without weapons he won't fight someone that doesn't have weapons." Thor said

I was wondering why but Thor just put his hammer off and Steve put his shield on the ground too.

They walked up to the kid and Thor just sat down, Steve looked confused. We could all see that the kid was crying. Thor was and Steve were talking to him, we could hear though our com that was on our ear.

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