final hour

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final hour |

Over the course of years with everything breaking apart, Jake realized that he became more emotional than emotionless. That just made it harder to be Riley's friend because he knew that this whole thing would come to an end.

The last hour on the plane was one of the saddest moments of his life. And he hated to know how he would feel once they really had to go their separate ways.

They sat in their seats, not talking, but acknowledging the presence of each other. As the seconds ticked away, it became stressful for the both of them. Making friends and then leaving them? It was better not to do any of that in the first place.

Riley and Jake had started to talk about the future instead of the past in their last hours together. They created crazy ideas: skydiving, bungee jumping, climbing a goddamn mountain. The two of them fabricated so many adventures that it felt real. Like they actually went out and did the things they'd never do.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the pilot spoke, "as we have commencing our descent into New York. Please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts, and return your seat to the fully upright position, and ensure that your tables are stowed."

"Five hours already," Jake mused, looking at Riley.

The announcements continued, "Please ensure all personal items and articles of hand luggage are stored securely in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you, so that no items are obstructing the exits. After landing please remain seated with seat-belts fastened until the aircraft has come to a halt at the gate and the captain has switched off the seat-belt signs."

It all seemed so unreal. The plane would be landing, reality would continue on, and those five hours would be buried somewhere in all of that.

"Five hours," Riley repeated as she fastened her seatbelt. "We talked a lot, about everything and anything. Do you regret it?"

Jake locked eyes with this enigma of a person and gave a soft smile, "I don't regret it at all."

She smiled back at him.

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