Chapter Twelve

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June 12, 2019. That was the day the most terrifying day of my life occurred. My boyfriend at the time had invited me to a party at his friends house, but neglected to tell me it was a sex and drug party, when I realized what was going on I tried to leave but he didn't let me. He somehow slipped something in my drink that paralyzed me from the neck down, and carried me into one of the rooms, along with two other guys.

I tried to get away, I really did. I kicked and screamed with all my might but the music was too loud and my legs didn't work. The powerlessness I felt that night still hunts me till this day. Crying and pleading for them to stop as they ripped my clothes off didn't help. I remember feeling an unimaginable heartache, I couldn't believe that my first time was going to be that horrifying. The exact moment when I gave up and closed my eyes, was when he broke the door down and beat the crap out of all of them and got me out of there. Quincy saved me that day, and he has looked out for me ever since.

I never told anyone about it out of shame, not even my twin brother who's practically an extension of me. That, and so much more, was why I got so happy when I found out Sebby was in love with him. I don't know what got into him at the hospital, but he better get his shit together fast.

I should be at the hospital right now with mommy, but the doctor insisted I get some rest, how exactly am I supposed to get any rest when my whole family is falling to pieces? Taking a quick glance at my phone, I notice it's past 8pm, where the hell is Sebby?
Suddenly a wave of terror passed through my entire body, my heart rate increased and even though the AC is on blast, ropes of sweat start to slip down my shirt from my forehead. Something is wrong.

Oh my GOD, Sebby!.

Next thing I know I'm grabbing my sweatshirt and running out of the house, I need to find my brother.

Over an hour later, I've checked every single route Seb and I usually walk through, still nothing. I'm not crazy, I know something is wrong with Sebby, I can feel it in my bones.
But who would believe me? Shit!

Deciding to go back and check if he's back, I begin the walk back home. About two blocks out of the house something catches my attention, and I bend down to pick it up. A crystal rock that I gave Sebby when we were eight, it has our initials scribbled on it with a green marker, SS.
Sebby always took that thing everywhere with him, he always had it in his pocket. Oh my God!

At this point my hands are shaking drastically, I'm trembling all over, I could barely keep it together long enough to dial my dad. Thankfully he picks up at the first ring, he sounds out of breath, so i must've caught him in the middle of work.

"Hey sweetheart, wha..."

"Daddy, it's Sebby, he's gone I don't know what happened but he's in pain you have to help him daddy please help me, the crystal is on the road when he he didn't come back I had to check and the crystal is here..." I sobbed, babbling incoherent words all in one breath.

"Slow down, what crystal? What are you taking about?" My dad asked, confused.
I had to take a deep breath and try to control my words better. When I felt like I could speak a bit clearly i continued.

"I think someone took Sebby, I found his crystal two blocks from the house, he's gone."

"I'm on my way."


The first thing Tyrone did when he walked out of Rico's apartment was to text Spencer.

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