Prologue: A Fresh Start

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Space is a place filled with many different dimensions and universes. Each has one that's either minor or majorly different from another multiverse.

In fact there are some universes in which your favorite show or franchise is in fact real and there could be alternate universes of that universe. Many different outcomes are affected by the events individuals make.

One of these fictional worlds that exist is the world Equus which is the home to the Kingdom of Equestria: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which is home to many magical races like pastel-colored equines, griffins, dragons, yaks, changelings, and many more.

However what none of them know apart from one is that their world is magically connected to a parallel version of itself where their kind is considered mythology and their counterparts in this world are a different race Equus thought was mythology too...the race of homosapiens.

Many know this world parallel Equus as the Human World from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, a well-loved spin-off series of Friendship Is Magic and became its own thing.

But what if say, someone from our place who loved the show was offered a chance by a Goddess who watches over the Magical Equus and the Human Equus and offered him to stay in the Human Equus for a much happier life to live.

This is the legend of (Y/N) (L/N), a young boy nearly an adult who will find a better life in the world of Equestria Girls, make friends and find love along the way...

In the galaxy known as the Milky Way, on one of its planets, Earth was a young man by the name of (Y/N) (L/N) who lives alone in a little apartment and he is currently watching the last Equestria Girls special, Sunset's Backstage Pass on his desktop.

(Y/N) (L/N) lived a very sad and isolated life. For you see when he was ten years old, (Y/N) and his parents were caught in a car crash and (Y/N) and his siblings (B/N) and (S/N) made it out alive but their parents weren't so lucky and perished instantly in the accident. When they learned about the fate of their parents, (B/N) committed suicide which didn't help the way his siblings felt. They had cried for a much longer time than they were but their grandfather decided to take them in.

But (Y/N) became lonely as his grandfather fell ill and passed away along with his sister who had the bubonic plague when he was just fourteen. Losing his whole family put (Y/N) is a huge depression and he pushed others away from him out of fear of losing another person he cared about. He once tried to put himself out fo his misery by attempting to hang himself but right as he was about to do it, he realized that killing himself wouldn't do him any good and that he won't make the same mistake his brother did. (Y/N) went into therapy and managed to get over the fear but it still hurt him how much he lost his family especially his sister who was the illest but tried not to let his emotions get the best of him and tried to make friends but because he pushed so many people away, he had a lot of trouble with it. Some didn't want to hang out with him and others just hated his guts.

For (Y/N), he felt that there was no place for him in this world. Nobody really tolerates teenagers or adult males who watch a show for little girls. The only one who he felt he had most in common with was a girl that he would never get to see in real life and the fact that Equestria Girls got canceled like Woody's Roundup doesn't help the pain either.

You finish watching the end of Sunset's Backstage Pass and turn off your computer.

(Y/N): "I wish I could go to the world of Equestria Girls, live a happier life, become friends with the Rainbooms. At least then I'd have some real people I could talk to. Ones that wouldn't judge me and would support me every step of the way. But there's no such thing as true friends. The fact that they're a work of fiction is living proof. Or rather, unliving proof. Heh. Friendship is Magic, huh? I guess that explains why it's a myth." You let out a yawn before trotting to your bed. "I wish friendship really was magic and that it was real." You close your eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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