thank you!

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i honestly don't know where to start with this message, but all i can say is thank you!

thank you for supporting me as this story evolved. thank you for reading and voting on this story because it means the world to me that people actually like to read my writing, even though i don't get a lot of recognition, which i don't mind at all.

every time i publish chapters, seeing your comments and what you think of the story always make my day, and seeing that people enjoy reading what i write, motivates me to write and improve as a writer, because i wouldn't be the person who i am today without your support! and you all deserve the best for supporting me and my writing!

i appreciate every single one of you who reads, votes, and comments on my stories. and i love you all a lot <3

i had so much fun writing the plot, thinking of scenes that would fit these characters, and overall writing this story to make others happy!

its funny how i was able to complete this in five months just like the title.

originally, i was going to make mingyu the student council and wonwoo the bad boy delinquent (and that would honestly be hottest thing ever to imagine in a leather jacket and slick back hair.) after seeing some photos from the call call call era and the call call call mv itself. but after writing the plot, i decided to switch the roles.

the whole idea of the delinquent being reformed was an idea i took inspiration from watching yandere dev's video, so credits to him for some inspiration on this story. but everything is else is purely from my imagination :]

i also wanted to make this one of my light hearted aus so i'm glad i didn't make the angst too heavy, as it wouldn't fit with the rest of the story.

so what's going to happen now?

hopefully, i will tell myself to at least take a week off writing before publishing my new story. but knowing me, i would be too motivated to stop writing haha. but i will try to take a break for at least a few days.

i will be posting another meanie au, which was decided with the help of a few irl friends and some of my followers, as i couldn't decide between two plots ajsj.

i won't spoil anything but it will very angsty, and i even cried coming up with the plot :')

regarding an epilogue for this story, i am not sure if i will write one but i had an idea where mingyu would open up his own art exhibition where it would feature lots of drawings/paintings/photos of wonwoo, as he wanted to use him as a muse since he was the one who encouraged mingyu to use his art skills for good.

also, after reading some of the comments on limampu't apat, where it talks about what meanie did in the bathroom. some of you want details on what they did in there.

you nasties 😐 jkjk

i will hopefully post a bonus chapter for the bathroom scene, which will be smut. and since it is smut, i cannot promise that i would be the best since i have never written nsfw before nor do i read it very often. but i will post it maybe one or two days from now, just to wrap up this story.

do not read the next update if you are uncomfortable with reading smut, bc i don't want corrupt an innocent mind ajsjsj

with that being said, i just wanted to say one last thank you to you all. your support motivates me everyday to write and get better to give you quality stories to please you all.

i hope you will continue to support me in the future and i love every single one of you.

see you in the next alternate universe !


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