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they took to the dance floor, hand in hand, where most people stood with their partners, seeing their friends dancing with their dates. mingyu wrapped his left arm around wonwoo's waist, still holding the elder's hand as wonwoo rested his other hand on mingyu's shoulder, under the faded spotlight. as they swayed to the beat of the song for a while, mingyu looking down at wonwoo who smiled at him, getting lost in the stars that lit up wonwoo's eyes. everyone else disappeared around them as they slow danced to the song, as if they were the only pair in the room, admiring each other and feeling like they're in their own world. he looked down at wonwoo with such adoration in his eyes, a sweet smile appearing on his lips.

wonwoo asked, "why are you smiling so much?" he chuckled, mingyu's smile widening even more from feeling the happiest he has ever been.

"i'm just happy." mingyu replied, pressing a quick yet soft peck on wonwoo's forehead, wonwoo blushing madly by the contact. when mingyu pulled away to look at wonwoo again, he said. "and i want to say thank you."

wonwoo smiled endearingly, now wrapping his arms around the younger's neck as mingyu's other hand unconsciously made its way to the shorter male's waist, a more comfortable position to dance to the beat as they confessed their thoughts and feelings to each other. wonwoo looked down shyly, his heart warming. "thank me for what?"

"i want to say thank you for finding the real me, again, despite me being a jerk to you in the beginning. thank you for believing that you could reform me, because since being with you, i have become a better version of myself. you brought out the old mingyu i had locked away, and i wanted to thank you for that." mingyu confessed, leaning down and a bit closer to wonwoo. he continued, "you have made the happiest i have ever been. you've made me feel things that i never thought i could feel, and i wanted to thank you for everything."

wonwoo blinked as his eyes finally directly met the younger's gaze after his confession. "mingyu... i- i don't really, i don't know what to say-" he whispered, no words being able to come out from his mouth from how speechless he was. he didn't expect this to come from mingyu, not expecting that he had influenced and had such a big effect on the younger.

in the beginning, wonwooo only expected to attempt to reform mingyu, ultimately failing and have mingyu expelled, and he would go on with his life. but only now, reflecting over the past few weeks, what he has done with mingyu: wonwoo realised how much he has changed because of mingyu, too.

"i... i should thank you, too." wonwoo sheepishly said, only realising how close their faces were as he could feel mingyu's breath on him. "i should thank you for bringing some fun and light into my life, for showing me how to live my life properly instead of doing everything my parents expected to me do, and be the perfect child they wanted. you helped me heal from my traumatising past, and helped me realise that i could love again, and honestly- you've done so much for me, so much you didn't even know about, and i am entirely grateful." he confessed, pouring out all of his thoughts and feelings about mingyu he had kept inside his head.

from hearing wonwoo's confession, mingyu had to hold himself back from confessing his love, because he wanted to save his confession until he gave wonwoo the ring. so instead, he closed the gap between them, leaning in a pressing his lips against wonwoo's as he brought up his veiny hand, placing its warm palm against wonwoo's smooth cheek.

wonwoo's eye grew wide from the unexpected kiss, but responded to the kiss, his arms around the younger's neck allowing him to tug him closer.

when they pulled away, the both immensely blushed in sync as the moment fell into silence as the song ended—its purity making itself prominent as it did so. "wow... so that happened." mingyu commented, acting as if that was his first kiss with wonwoo, the elder amused by the reaction.

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