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valentine's day came around, and the school was covered with romance-themed decorations. from rose petals littering the ground and entrance to every door way, to cheesy pick up lines written on pink coloured hearts. in the hallways, you could see people confessing their love to one another. bouquets of roses being presented to lovers and boxes full of sweet treats were being bought and eaten.

it was the day of love after all.

and since it was valentine's day, it meant that tonight would be the winter dance.

as the school council was organising the event just like any other, all of the members were busy with preparation to make the occasion perfect for everyone who was attending.

including wonwoo.

him and mingyu agreed to meet at the dance itself in the school's main hall, where the dance was going to be held. of course, mingyu made so sneaky remarks of how much he would want to see wonwoo before then, but wonwoo just laughed it off, already used to the younger's cheeky comments.

mingyu dressed himself in a simple navy blue suit, matching navy tie with his ashy grey delicately swept to the side, and old shiny watch wrapped around his wrist in contrast to the darkness of his suit. he took the small box which contained the rings and stuffed it into his pocket. he had always preferred not going to big events, such as dances like this, so he hoped wearing something simple and not too flashy, he wouldn't gain any unwanted attention.

but as soon as he arrived at the dance, the complete opposite occurred. girls were staring at him left and right and no one had a reason to be intimidated by the boy, so every girl was practically eyeing mingyu the whole time. and when you have a friend like minghao, who can sometimes dress like a highlighter, whatever minghao wears will always catch the attention of everybody.

"dude, why do you always have to dress so extra? now everyone is looking at us." mingyu mumbled to minghao as they walked further into the hall.

"who cares if they look at us? and who are you to judge my sense of style, you literally once dyed your hair to look like a cheeto." minghao mocked him, their memory of mingyu dying his hair bright orange would forever be used as an insult whenever mingyu made fun of them.

"i thought i told you to never bring that up again!" mingyu slapped minghao on the back, and seokmin could only laugh at the two bickering.

"but mingyu is right, though. you either wear the simplest of clothes, or you dress like a pack of crayola." seokmin stated, causing minghao to be shocked by the latter's insult.

"you can't say anything, you horse face-"

"now, now, minghao. no need to get hostile." junhui's voice said from behind them. the three boys collectively turned around to see junhui standing behind them, along with soonyoung and his boyfriend, jihoon.

"hi guys!" seokmin chirped sweetly.

"hey!" soonyoung replied. "this is my boyfriend, jihoon." he said as he gestured to his left where jihoon stood, soonyoung's arm wrapped around the shorter's waist.

"i didn't expect him to be so... short." mingyu mumbled, which jihoon heard very clearly.

"i'm not short, you bean pole. you're all just giants." jihoon glared, but they all laughed in unison.

they made their way to one of the tables wonwoo had reserved for all of them, some of them taking their seats and talking amongst themselves, whilst the others went to the area with the food and drinks. the whole hall looked amazing, thin soft fabrics coming from the walls and reaching the highest point of the school's hall, fairy lights and white petals decorating each table, pink and red roses in vases to accent the white and match the theme of valentine's day.

"have any of you guys seen wonwoo yet?" mingyu asked soonyoung and jihoon with a raised tone, trying to talk over the loud music that everyone was dancing to in the middle of the hall.

"i saw him earlier. i think he's by the stage arranging some things with the other council members." jihoon answered, soonyoung nodding in agreement. mingyu thanked the two and got up from his seat.

he weaved through the crowds of dancing teenagers as a pop song was being blasted onto the huge speakers that were situated at the front of the hall, avoiding the swinging arms with filled cups in hands and the shaking bodies of drunk people as they moved to the music.

through an opening, mingyu saw the turned back of wonwoo by the stage, talking to one of the femal council members as they hung more lights along the front of the stage. upon seeing the elder, mingyu picked one of the roses from its vase on the nearby table, walking up to wonwoo from the behind.

the girl beside wonwoo, minyoung, saw mingyu approaching and smiled to herself, saying to wonwoo. "i think i should give you two some alone time." she winked and walked away, leaving wonwoo confused as he finished setting up the last string of lights.

"hi, baby." mingyu confidently said, wonwoo surprised by the sudden voice. as he turned around, seeing mingyu behind him holding a rose in a suit instantly caused a mad blush to cover wonwoo's cheeks. seeing mingyu in such formal attire is a rare sight for most people, in contrast to the laid back clothes he usually wears.

"oh- hi, mingyu." wonwoo replied as he graciously accepted the rose mingyu offered him. wonwoo giggled quietly to himself, asking, "did you just pick this from one of the tables?"

mingyu chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck in slight embarrassment. "maybe.. i spent too much on this damn suit and i didn't get to buy you anything." he replied, which was only partially the truth. rather he spent most of the money he made not on flowers, but on the rings.

"they're lovely, mingyu." wonwoo smiled, going onto the tips of his toes and leaning in to kiss mingyu on the cheek, a heated blush painting mingyu's cheeks from the sudden action. "anything for my prince." mingyu chuckled.

as if on que, the once upbeat song that was playing before switched to a slower tune, everyone on the dance floor finding their partners and joining hands. upon seeing others ask their dates to the middle of the dance floor, mingyu bowed slightly his hand out and acting like a potential suitor asking a prince to dance. "may i have this dance, my prince." mingyu asked politely, catching wonwoo off guard by the sudden act.

wonwoo smiled, looking down at mingyu's slightly bowing stature. he placed the rose on the table next to him and took mingyu's hand, mingyu looking up to him with smile.

"yes, you may, good sir."

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