Chapter 6: Return

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[Author Note: This originally was supposed to be in Book III, but I decided to move it. This hasn't been gone over properly, so there might be random non-English words as there usually are in my drafts at some point and surely there are formatting errors, missing words and typos. This is as rough as a first draft of mine can get. It might not quite fit in, but that's because the previous chapter has been through editing and it was during editing I chose to add this chapter here.

As for not posting: I haven't been well. I will post the last chapter on Friday and the Epilogue for Book I after that. I'll see when I get around to post Book II. Beyond the Horizon has high priority.]



He looked up from the copy of the Scripture of the Spirits that he was copying for himself. He saw his Master by the door, put the quill down on the low table and stood up. Expressionlessly he looked at the elf, his hands seeming to hang lifelessly in each side of his body.

"Are you copying the Scriptures again?"



"Did Master not say that I need to understand the spells I cast? I'm trying to understand the Spirits, as the elements are part of Nature. The natural flow and life essence is everywhere."

The elf smile in satisfaction. "You are taking your studies seriously. You've stopped with the silly things such as losing your shoes, or crying."

"Of course."

It was the natural course of things. He was going to do everything in his power to leave.

"However, Ansy, I did not give you permission to copy the Scripture of the Spirits. You were allowed to read them only."

"I see."

He picked up the almost finished copy of the scripture. He knew Master had purposely waited until he was almost done. He held it by its back with his palm facing the ceiling.


The book turned to ashes almost immediately as it was swallowed by the flame in his palm.


A gust of wind came from nowhere and picked the ashes out of his hand, blowing through the Temple. He knew the ashes would be spread in the garden by the oak tree.

At times he considered giving up. He was always scolded. Often sent to the room of repentance for a beating or getting whipped. He wondered what other fourteen-year-old got whipped. According to the law of the clergy, whipping came from serious offences causing harm towards the clergy.

How was he harming the clergy?

He knew why. He was a witch. An eyesore. Something to fear. He caused harm by causing fear.

"I shall go to the room of repentance then."

"No need. You'll come with me, Ansy. Since you made sure to get rid of the unholy copy you were making, I'll bring you with me as I have an errand. You will do it for me, as a taste of what you will do in two years."

"May I ask what the errand is, Master?"

"You will heal Huld Ásta in the Northern Kingdom. We are leaving immediately."

Answard's heart seemed to skip a beat. Kári was the only reason he could bear it all. He held tightly onto the memory of their adventures, their naps, their farewell. In his heart he heard himself beg Kári not to forget him in the first five years. Then Kári had appeared before him and been by his side.

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