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never got a cover but i left so i dont really know but anyway take a chapter and tell me why you like reading about possibly dating some tall faceless creature thats kidnapped you

When you wake up, for the second time, there was nobody to loom over you and watch as you rest your eyes, thank god for that. But you still did wonder why you were even here in the first place. You would ask but were afraid to do so. You silently roll off the bed, onto the floor and stare up realizing just how tall the ceiling really was. It would need to be extremely tall in order for slenderman to stand straight anyway.

You pretty much stayed on the ground for a good hour just spacing out and question almost everything. But, you were brought out of it by someone coming in that you did not notice. they had a mask, it was white and had black around the eyes. The mouth was like a rounded rectangle with lines that would be teeth. You assume they are a male because they have short brown hair. They wore a simple outfit of a dark green hoodie and some jeans. He also had a green hat.

You had no idea who this was or why they were here, but you must have been staring without noticing it because suddenly they were in your face. You pretty much shot up, accidentally slamming your head into his. "oW!" He exclaimed putting a hand over the injured spot. You pretty much did the same. Still confused on this man, you ask "who are you?!" hoping this one would not be the one to murder you. "uhhh Im Skully." That was an odd name, but Masky and Hoodie are really just named after clothing so you just let it be.

"Skully?" You repeat still not sure of him. He nodded "yup" you just nodded a bit. "..Why are you here?" You question while you put your hands to your side. "Oh Slender told me to make sure you werent dead yet! So here I am..and you arent dead." "How come Ive never seen you before?" You question him. "Dunno but I exist" "Clearly."

He nods "Well Im telling Slender you arent dead yet so..bye!" With that he got up and left. You are once again left on your own. You just sat there once again debating on wether or not to leave the room you were in. You decide to leave, only to enter a room in which Jeff and Ben were fighting. So, you slowly back away from this back into the room you came from.

Once again wondering why you were here, but this time wondering if you should try to escape. After all, who would want to stay in a house of murderers? Not any sane person thats for sure. You went to the nearby window and open it. You slightly look around making sure no one was in the room with you, before you jump out. You start with just walking away from the house before you begin to run.

You dont know where you are, all there is is trees and grass. But you just ran until you got tired and slowed your pace, now looking around and realize that all there was were woods. Out of breath you sat against a tree breathing heavily. You were way to out of shape for this. You didnt see the mansion anywhere nearby so you assume you are safe for now.

But, they are fast and mostly smart so it wouldnt be too long before they notice you missing. You force yourself up and begin to walk trying to find your way back to town. Wondering if anyone knows that your missing.

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