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There are 6 elements in this world; fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Although no one person can control all these elements for they are the powers of god. But what if there was a big enough threat to the earth that even God himself couldn’t handle by himself. What if he blessed these 6 elements to normal people like you and me then what? Most of us would go crazy with power like in all the movies, but only those ready for this responsibility could be able to handle this with no problems.

What if these powers where given to a simple teenager? What would they do with these powers? How would they use them? These may be some questions you ask. But that’s exactly what this story will tell. 6 regular teens that are blessed by God in order to save our world from the deepest darkness this universe has ever seen.

6 a magical number that can and will help us all. We’ve all been 6 years old and it has always been a wonderful year for each and every one of us. 6 the number that can and will help us all.

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