Prologue - Episode 0

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One day after school ended I was talking to Sato-san about something interesting 

"Hmmmm, so the school made an anime to advertise for itself?"

"Yes, Karuizawa-san. Everyone is in there!" 

Apparently, the school made an anime of us during our first year, It's not like I have forgotten about anything that happened last year, but I think watching an anime version of Kiyotaka is something I can't ignore

"huh... I guess I'll check it out if I have time" 

I tried to sound like I'm not interested at all to fit my usual character but the truth is, I couldn't wait to go home and watch it on Zetflix.

"Only 12 Episodes huh? I hope I see some of Kiyo- .. I mean I hope it's interesting" 

Saying that to no one in particular, I started watching.

Author's Note: 

I have two approaches to writing this fanfic 

1- the long detailed approach, which will make this whole thing take way longer, but it will be very detailed 
2-the short for fun approach, won't take me long and would probably be a bunch of short stories (I like this cuz I'm lazy)

Do tell me which one you prefer so I can start writing the next episode 

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