Part 1

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I really thought my eyes were deceiving me. I watched his casket close. I cried for days. Now here he is at my doorstep.

"Siah baby please call Gates"

Siah nods and walks upstairs to call my brother.

"Now back to you. What are you doing here, and alive dad" I said making the air quotes

"Well I would've expected more love from you princess"

"Love? You want love from me? Where was the love you had for me when you faked your death."

"I had my reasons"

"Well feel free to explain at any time, yo-you weren't even there when gates and I had to burry Kyle" I said now crying

"Wrong, I was there"

"Then why didn't you try to comfort me. I spent 3 weeks in a a fuckin mental institution after attempting suicide twice"

"Pooh why in the world would you try to kill your self"

"What do you expect, I lost mom. I thought I lost you and then I lost the ONLY person I was ALWAYS WITH" I said now yelling

"Pooh, calm down baby" Siah says wrapping his arm around my waist while his other hand rubs my stomach

"Oh you're expecting" Kevin SR asks

"I think you should know the answer to that considering you know where we live"

"You're right, I watched you get married"

"If you watched why didn't you help me walk her down the isle. You had plenty of times to make sure we knew you were alive" gates said now walking up

"I never could find the right time" sr says trying to sound sincere

"Cut the bullshit"

"Ariana watch your mouth, I'm till you're father"

"I knew you'd try to pull that card." I said laughing to myself "my father? The same father who let me get kidnapped not once but 3 times total in my 22yrs. The same father who never protected me when motha fuckers tried raping me. The same father who did NOTHING to save his youngest son, THE SAME FATHER WHO FAKED HIS DEATH.. FOR WHAT?"

"I tried to save him. But i was out saving my middle son"

"Kyle is dead"

"Kyle was my youngest son, and I'm sorry I was out of the country on business when that happened"

"Wow what a great excuse"

"Nah, lets go back to this middle son of yours" Gates chimes in

"Who is he" Siah asks

"I'm sorry who are you?" Sr asks him


"Janice boy"


"She's a real sweet lady, you dad was one of my best friends"

"That's cool, but that's really not my main concern right now" Siah said turning his attention back to me

"A man that takes care of his woman and kids-"

I cut him off, "something you didn't do"

"Ariana Nicole Gates"

"My last name is Brewster"


"I'm not a 12 year old anymore, saying my whole name doesn't scare me. Now tell me why you're here, I need to be getting my rest and you're preventing that.

"I came cause I missed 6 yrs of my kids and grandkids lives"

"And who's fault is that Sr." Gates asked

"I had to in order to protect my kids and wife"

"You disappeared for years and come back with another son and a wife i know my mama is rolling over in her grave. How old is this son" I asked

"My son is 23, my wife's 24"

I laugh "What is wrong with you, you cheated on my mother and you have a wife that's young enough to be your daughter"


"Get out, you've cause enough damage in my life" he looked at me about to say something but i cut him off "Get out"

He looked at me like I just killed his dog

"Sr you gotta leave" Gates told him

When he left I broke down, I was always a daddy's girl. And he did all this? For what. What was so dangerous that you had to leave your children. He couldn't protect me or ky. Then he has another son older than us. I wonder did mom know. I wonder about this wife of his.

"Cmon Pooh don't cry" Gates tells me.

" it's hard bubba, how could he" I only called him bubba when I was really hurt. That's what I grew up calling him.

" cause he ain shit" Gates and our father never got along, they're both stubborn and have a bad ass temper. Honestly they're the same person just 30 years apart.

"Pooh go get some rest, we can talk about this when we come back" Siah tells me kissing my forehead with his hand on my stomach

"Oh so it was you" Gates says laughing and dapped up Messiah

"Yes bubba"

"Congratulations, Pooh you're already a great mother" he said hugging me

"Thank you, it really means a lot to me" I said wiping tears

"Don't go soft on me thug" he laughs "love you"

"2 times" I say heading upstairs

I lay back down and Kai immediately finds me and snuggled up to me, moments later Siah comes in snuggling with me from behind with his hand automatically going to my stomach.

"I love you" he whispers

"I love you more"

Y'all honestly this chapter was supposed to be longer than this, but I couldn't continue today, my aunt died from Caronavirus maybe an hour ago. I just wanted to release this chapter.

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