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Tadashi and (YN) stepped into the lighthouse and a surge of warmth washed over them. The lighthouse was dark but lit by a few small lamps. There was nothing but a winding staircase that lead to more floors.

"Are you ready?" Tadashi asked (YN). He didn't sound too sure himself. "Anything could be up there."

(YN) took a deep, shaky breath. "Yeah, I guess. Are you?"

Tadashi nodded. "Yeah. Let's do this."

They climbed the staircase and it seemed like it would never end. They knew that this couldn't possibly be the trial. They knew there was more to it than climbing a seemingly never-ending staircase. (YN) ignored her lightly rumbling stomach and both she and Tadashi pretended to not hear it as to not even think of temptation. Tadashi's burns we starting to sting again.

"Are you sure your friends will like me? And your brother?" (YN) asked Tadashi.

"They'll love you. I'm sure of it," Tadashi said with a warm smile.

"And what if we don't both end up in San Fransokyo?" (YN) asked nervously.

Tadashi wrapped his arm around her and kissed her temple. "Then I'll find you. Don't worry about it."

"Alright," (YN) said with a smile. "We'll be alright."

When they reached the top of the lighthouse, a door with a screen stood before them. The screen was black until Tadashi reached for the handle.

The screen turned on at Tadashi's touch. His name, age and cause of death flashed across the screen before a video played.

That video was what happened after he died. He and (YN) watched immediately after his death, his funeral, Hiro's depression, and the formation of Big Hero 6. They saw Yokai and how he was actually Callaghan. They saw Hiro's fit of revenge that was stopped by his friends and Baymax. They saw everything. Tadashi wiped away a few tears.

"I can't wait to see them all again," Tadashi said. "I'm just glad that Hiro is okay."

The screen then read two words: 'Death accepted.' They heard the door unlock and Tadashi opened it.

"After you," he offered to (YN). She went to step through but walked straight into a blockage.

"It won't let me," (YN) said. "I have to do this, too." She grabbed the door handle and it then read her name and age, which was the same as Tadashi's, and the cause of her death. Then the screen shifted to the video.

It showed (YN) on the bed where she overdosed a few hours after she took the pills. It was the guest room in Kingsley's house.

"Yo (YN), I got a question for you-- (YN), where are you, girl?" Silence answered Kingsley. Kingsley began to grow frantic. "(YN)? You alright? (YN)?"

Kingsley entered the room and saw (YN) there with an empty bottle of pills in her hand and another empty bottle beside her.

"Aw, shit! (YN), wake up! Wake up!" He shook her shoulder a bit but she didn't respond. "Shit, shit!" He looked at the pill bottles and saw that they belonged to Jamar. He took out his phone and dialed Jamar's number. "Man, we got a real big fuckin' problem here! You know those pills you been lookin' for? I found 'em."

"And why is that a problem?" Jamar asked. "Everything alright? You don't sound alright."

"No man, I'm not fuckin' alright! It's (YN); I think she's dead, she ain't answerin' me and... shit, I gotta get her to the hospital."

"Fuck man, are you kidding me? Shit, I'll meet you there alright?"

"Thanks man. I'm freakin' the fuck out right now," Kingsley said as he hung up and scooped (YN)'s stiff, still twitching body in his arms.

"I remember this," (YN) said to Tadashi. "I remember this rather well, actually."

Tadashi frowned as it showed Kingsley speeding (YN) off to the hospital. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'm not going through that door without you."

(YN) looked up at Tadashi and smiled as the scene continued to unfold. After it showed (YN) on life support at the hospital and then the plug being pulled, it showed the gang members laying her to rest. Jamar, over time, got sober as a result. Kingsley was the most distraught and went on to lead the gang but in a more positive way to honor both his cousin and (YN). They stopped attacking the good ol' boys and just defended themselves when needed; a few were lost, but for the most part they had grown from their losses.

(YN) didn't realize that she was crying until Tadashi wiped away her tears.

"You okay?" Tadashi asked.

(YN) nodded. "Yeah, yeah. They really got their act together. I'm surprised. I'm happy."

The screen then changed: 'Death accepted.' The door unlocked again. Tadashi and (YN) both smiled at each other and Tadashi kissed (YN)'s forehead.

"You're the farthest thing from weak, (YN)," he said. "You're really brave."

(YN) flung her arms around Tadashi in a tight hug. He accepted and returned the embrace with one arm and with the other hand he opened the door.

"Come on," Tadashi said with a smile. "I can't wait to introduce you to every one."

They stepped through the door together and stared at the light. It wasn't a light at all, but a bright portal. In front of it was a keypad and screen that read 'Destination:'.

Tadashi typed in San Fransokyo and then grabbed (YN)'s hand. "On three?"

(YN) nodded. Together, they counted to three and then ran into the portal.

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