Chapter 10 - what am I to do without you?

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I was doing paperwork in my office when

(A/N Me: wait... Slendy does paperwork? Anyway continue)

I was doing paperwork in my office when Masky bursts in panting and I stand up in my seat, "What is it Masky?" I question.
"T- *pant* Toby locked *pant* *pant* locked... " he stuttered, "Jeff... *pant* basement... Rake!!" Before passing out. 'How long has it been since Masky has had cheesecake? Ten, twelve days? Yeah...' I thought. I looked at the clock, 1:28 a.m., I rubbed my forehead in frustration. I picked Masky up with one of my tendrils and stood him up straight, waking him up in the process, and said "Well? Go get him! I'll talk to-" when I was cut off by Toby bursting in with someone, a human, in his arms. I stood up, hands on my desk. I shot a glare at Masky, sending him out of the room.
"Who is this?" I snapped, "You know we can't bring humans to-" I was cut off again by Toby.


"It- it's (Y/N)!!! She's hurt real bad! I... I... You know!" He stood there for a moment, hesitating before taking her from me and taking her into another room.
I followed, going into Slender Mans room. (Y/N) was set on Slender Mans bed. I realized that I was crying. I didn't like to cry in front of the other proxies or Slender. Wiping them away didn't help when Slendy gave me a saddened look after checking
(Y/N)'s pulse. I sat down head in my knees crying out (Y/N)'s name.
"She can't be gone..." I cried out, and felt Slender pay my shoulder and say "She's not... but..." I looked up at him. "She's lost a lot of blood and won't be... awake anytime soon." he walked out of the room. I walked up to (Y/N), crying softly now.
"Please... what am I to do without you?" You put your ear up to her heart, hearing the small beat of her heart.
You walked out of the room, out of the mansion, and into her house where the bloody scene lay. You go replay the fight in your head and run your hand over the scar on your forehead.
You looked at the table in the center of the kitchen and see a note with blood splatters taking out some of the writing. It read,
"Dear (Y/N)," 'obviously it's a letter to (Y/N)' you thought before reading the rest.

Dear (Y/N),
I was ____ into work for the night shift and ____ be back till 2:00 a.m.. Please don't ___ the house ____. Left you some money for _____. Good night.

I looked over at the microwave clock "1:55 a.m."
Then, at that exact moment, I hear a commotion at the door. I don't know what to do.
I look for a place to hide and find the stair and once I get to the stairs, I hear the door swing open and the screams and cries of
(Y/N)'s mother.
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