The project

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Addison's POV

"Addison you need to wake up now or you'll be late." I heard my mom yell as she banged on my door. "I'm up" I yelled back.

I got up and changed into some blue jeans and a cute white crop top. thankfully my school didn't have much of a dress code. I put on some makeup. I looked at my phone and realised if I didn't leave now we would all be late.

I quickly ran downstairs and went to my car. I quickly pulled out of the driveway and headed to get Avani first. I pulled into her drive way and hit my horn. she came running out. "bitch we need to hurry or we're going to be late" she said "girl clam down we'll be fine, we just won't be able to talk before class" "okay fine but lets go get her real fast". 

we pulled into charli's driveway and we see her talking to dixie. "I think their arguing" avani said pointing at them "I would't be surprised". I never really talked to dixie before but I know she's just trouble and a fuckgirl.

dixie put her leatherjacket on and got on her motorcycle. she put her helmet on and started   backing up and stoped at my car window. she taped at my window which scared me to death since I don't even know this girl. I rolled it down and she flipped the shield up on her helmet and made eye contact with me for a second. she looked past me and looked at avani and smiled. "hey vani we need to talk later" she winked at her then put the shield down and drove off. 

"what the fuck is she talking about, are you fucking her" I yelled at her. "what no no no, we just sometimes hangout because of school" "good because I don't need you to get your own heart broken" "Addison you don't even know her so stop" "I know of her which is enough for me" I spat out. she just rolled her eyes and look towards charli who was now running to the car "I'm so sorry I took so long, I was yelling at dixie about her coming home so late last night" she explained as I drove to school "char it's fine. we still have like 15 minutes before the late bell" "yeah but normally we have 35" she argued. "it's fine" I tried reassuring her.

We head into the court yard to be greeted by our group. I quickly walk over to my boyfriend Bryce but he didn't even notice. he was talking to some other girl from the JV cheer team. "excuse me I need to barrow him" I smiled at the girl and grabbed him. "chill Addison, what do you want" he said pulling away from my grasp "sorry my bad I wanted to talk to MY boyfriend" "whatever" he said back and went back to talking with the girl. I rolled my eyes and went back to charli and avani. 

"hey charli will you be going home after school" we heard dixie ask from behind us. we all turned to look at her. "no I'm going to addis why?" "okay cool and ugh don't worry about it" dixie said and went back to her group. "great just great" charli said annoyed "what" I ask confused "she's just asking so that she can bring some girl over so that they can fuck since none of us have practice today" "oh" was all I could say and then the bell rung.

Anvni, charli and I all had English together along with dixie but she always sat with the friends she had in the class and never talk to any of us. we walked into class and saw that the tables where in groups of four "shit" I said to the girls. they nodded in response .

"okay class everyone stand in the back and I will be sorting you out in groups" our teacher said and everyone headed to the back.  she started sorting people out then pointed at a new group of tables "Addison, avani, and charli" we headed to the seats "oh and dixie" the teacher said. all of our eyes went wide when we heard her say dixie. "I can not work with them, I mean avani is fine but not the other two" dixie protested as she pointed at us. "dixie dameilo if you don't sit down right now I will have to email your coach" the teacher warned. dixie groaned and walked over and took the only seat available and it was so her and I were across for each other.

we all stayed silent as the teacher finished assigning seats. "so everyone this will be your new seats for the rest of the semester" the teacher says and everyone groaned "you will be having a project each quarter and you'll will be working together at home and school" the teacher says again cause the class to groan again.

we started working on it today. I was minding my own business but look up and see dixie biting her lower lip suductively and I thought she was looking me at first but I turned around and see a girl also having a suductive look on her face. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the project. I guess she found her new target.

we continued working on it and all dixie did was flirt with the girl the whole time. it was weird because it kinda looked like she was looking at me since the girl was right behind me. is it bad that kinda made me horny and want her? 

a little while later the bell finally rung for our next class "I'll see you at lunch girls" I said and started walking to my class. in the corner I see Bryce and started to walk to him but I stoped once I saw that he was talking to the girl I saw this morning "damn that sucks" I hear someone say behind me. I turn around and see that it was dixie "the're just.. friends" I say somewhat not even believing what I said. "yeah, okay" she says and walks away "what the fuck was that, we never talk" I muttered to myself. I look at Bryce one more time and just get disgusted and walk to my class.

 Bryce and I have dated since the beginning of last year and at first he was nice and sweet but things started to change, mainly after I refused to have sex with him. after I did that he slowly started getting cold. he's asked many times but I've always said no. I stay with him because I'm scared of what would happen if we broke up. what if my good reputation gets ruined or he even tries to hit me? he almost did once.


Okay here's the first chapter of the new story. Hope you enjoyed. Next chapter is going to be a lot more interesting.

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