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the next day of school arrived and everything was back to normal. chaeyeon convinced minjae to leave them alone, as it wasn't worth it anymore, and they treated each other like they were strangers. wonwoo's friends forgave mingyu (more like threatened him that if he ever hurt wonwoo again, it would be the end of him), and the two friend groups started hanging out together again.

wonwoo felt someone tug at his sleeve and he looked up from the book he was reading at the lunch table, finding mingyu standing behind him. "hi," wonwoo fondly smiled as the younger sat down next to him, placing a small peck on wonwoo's cheek.

"you know..." mingyu said, holding wonwoo's waist and playing with the hem of his navy blazer. "we still have something to do." he trailed, tilting his head to one side and then the other trying to act cute.

"what do you mean?" wonwoo raised an eyebrow, not really understanding what the latter meant.

"don't you remember, baby?" mingyu asked, the pet name causing wonwoo to shiver. and there was something in mingyu's voice, or maybe in look, but it made wonwoo click and realise what the younger was referring to. so much has happened over the past week, he had completely forgotten about their deal.

wonwoo's eyed widened and started furiously blushing. "mingyu, i-"

"it's the last step to prove i'm not a bad boy. unless you want to admit that i am, and never call me soft again." mingyu teased, slurring his words.

wonwoo scoffed, standing up from his seat and holding mingyu by the wrist. "never. let's do it."


no istg
don't tell me you did it in the bathroom

two times

y'all are nasty

please he was so good
i want to cry

i mean
you were with minjae first so it's no surprise to think that mingyu is the sex god you've been waiting for


i even heard people say that they heard moans come from the bathroom 🤢

it's not my fault that mingyu is so good
he's the best
bad boys are the best

but he's soft

he's my softie
he even asked me to the dance after we came 🥺

how can you both be so cute and disgusting at the same time

don't act like you're not the same with minghao
you were literally telling me how pretty minghao's nipples are whilst adding cute emojis a week ago

at least i'm not having sex with my boyfriend in the school bathrooms


yet 😏

yet 🥺

mingyu walked through the automatic doors of the shop he and wonwoo visited a few days ago, the air conditioner blowing a cold breeze as he walked in. he was so excited to finally get the rings, working part time jobs to get enough money to afford the on sale jewellery.

he made his way to the jewellery section of the store, close to the changing rooms, finding the same lady who reserved the rings for him behind the desk, serving another customer.

once the first customer left with their purchased items, she greeted mingyu. "oh, hello. are you here to purchase the rings?"

mingyu nodded, taking out his card from his leather wallet as the woman turned around to the cupboards where the custom orders were stored, a white medium sized box in her hand as she placed it onto the desk. she unboxed the white packaging, revealing a blue velvet case.

she opened the small box, revealing the two silver bands with a small coloured jewel facing up in the centre of the ring, shining and reflecting the light from above them. "can i take them out and look at them?" mingyu asked, starting to lift the soft container of the rings.

"of course. i'll be over here if you need me." she politely smiled, starting to talk to the next customer who arrived to mingyu's left. he took the rings out of the case, holding them so delicately and carefully as if they were made from glass. the inside of each band of titanium had the engraved words mingyu wanted to say.

"they're perfect." mingyu quietly mumbled to himself as he admired the rings, putting them back into the velvet box and calling the young woman so he could pay.

as he left the store, a mini bag in his hand with the rings inside, he thought to himself, when should i give him the ring?

his mind then thought of the winter dance, which was only in three days.

maybe then he will give wonwoo the rings.

maybe then he will tell wonwoo that he loves him.

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