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the cold, winter breeze traced over the goose bumps on mingyu's exposed knees in the holes of his jeans, his hair being brushed by the wind as he rode through the streets of gangnam towards the outskirts of the city. he was so nervous to see wonwoo again, and even more nervous thinking about why wonwoo wanted to talk after having time a part.

he could only hope that wonwoo wasn't going to leave him.

as he rode up the final slope that lead to the cliff top, the tall view tower coming into view, he saw a familiar car parked to the left of the tall stature. he parked his motorcycle next to the sleek, black car, the full moon's reflection shining bright on the front.

mingyu looked around the dimly lit area, his shoes kicking against the gravel ground. as turned a corner, by the cliff's edge, he saw the figure of a boy. a boy that he missed dearly even though they only spent a few days a part. the boy sat on the edge of the cliff, his legs dangling off the ledge as he leaned against the metal railing that would prevent him from falling, his head resting on his crossed arms on the rails, staring off into the horizon with the lit city in view.

"hi, wonwoo." mingyu said hesitantly, not wanting to disturb him as he looked so peaceful on his own. the said boy turned around at the sound of the approaching footsteps and worried voice.

"oh, hi." wonwoo replied. mingyu sat down next to the elder, more space between them than usual. "it's been a few days since we last talked... so how have you been?"

mingyu fiddled with his thumbs as his arms hung over the rails. "i've been okay, busy with a few jobs." wonwoo nodded along, their conversation somehow being their first awkward talk. they'd usually be laughing, talking about a certain anime, arguing over with ice cream flavour was better: but this was somehow so awkward. "what did you want to talk about?" mingyu asked, looking at wonwoo who's head was still facing the view of the cityscape.

after a small silence, wonwoo turned to look at a frowning mingyu, guilt evident in the dark pools of wonwoo's eyes from the younger's point of view. "i... owe you an apology."

"you don't have to say sorry, wonwoo. you had the right to be hurt and be mad by what i said." mingyu said with a comforting tone. "i would've done the same thing and wanted space."

"that still doesn't mean my actions were right and fair. it was wrong for me to just assume that what you said had been your intentions this whole time, not even considering that you did change." wonwoo held mingyu's warm hands in his. "it was also wrong of me to not hear you out, or give you a chance to explain. i should've have listened to your side of the story, but i didn't."

"it's okay, wonwoo. you don't have to apologise to me." mingyu smiled, a tingling feeling inside of him that appeared whenever he felt wonwoo inching closer to him. "i should be the one apologising to you, honestly. i shouldn't have thought that way to just play with your feelings, that was wrong of me."

"did you mean what you said? in that recording?" innocently asked wonwoo, looking into mingyu's starry eyes as mingyu started to explain.

"in the beginning, yes, when i had found out that for the next five weeks you'd be around me more often. i just thought of this whole thing as a joke. but as time went on, i somehow got attached to you." the elder was caught off guard by the sudden confession, and even after days of not seeing mingyu, his heart still became warm in the younger's presence. "and everyday, i started thinking about you more, my heart's pace beating faster whenever i was around you. at first i didn't know what this feeling was, because i had never really liked anyone as much as i like you."

wonwoo was speechless. "mingyu... i- i don't know what to say." he lightly chuckled with a smile on his face, something he hadn't done in days, but even then, thinking about mingyu managed to make him smile.

"it's funny, really." mingyu smiled to himself, the brightness of the moon shining down onto them as they confessed their feelings and thoughts to one another.

"you were given five weeks to reform me, yet you took my heart within the first five days i spent with you."

wonwoo was beyond speechless, no words being able to come out of his mouth. so instead of words, he leaned in and connected his lips with mingyu's soft ones, his hand snaking to the back of mingyu's neck to pull him closer. it took mingyu a while to respond, trying to process what was going on, but he kissed back, fingers tugging at the hem of wonwoo's shirt underneath his jacket as he reciprocated the kiss, lightly and softly.

they kissed and kissed until they ran out of breath, under their companions, the stars.

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